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  1. Waiting for spring to hit the banks!  Need carp!!

    1. (MN) chayathecat

      (MN) chayathecat

      I fished some open water on the Mississippi yesterday (in Minnesota), mainly to try out my new home made boilies. The weather was perfect but the fish were no where to be seen :-(

    2. Arvand


      Few months man & they be on it like white on rice!

  2. Sad to see a once happening forum in such a sorry state! I recall a time when there were daily posts & stories from fellow anglers! Sad to see this all gone. Don't know why this happened?? Would urge all fellow anglers to start repeating the old days of story sharing. Lets get this forum happening!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOcVz_JobCc
  4. Arvand


    Unfortunately the petition has only got 163 signatures till date! Can't understand why people aren't supporting this petition. It tells you a whole lot about the mixed type of anglers we have & the way the Canadian society think! I have seen comments like "if I don't need 2 rods fly fishing then no one should be able to use 2 rods" or "more snagging on the tribs" or even " our fisheries could be hurt just by having an additional rod" . Really lost for words here. Even no support by carp anglers!
  5. Arvand


  6. Arvand

    Fish-In results

    Looks like you all had fun, too bad i couldnt be there :-(
  7. WTG! Awesome fish!
  8. A great fish on a slow day! Thanks for sharing Mark.
  9. WTG! Second fish looks great!
  10. Hats off to you tangled line. I really enjoy reading your posts and admire the big carp you catch. Hope to see you on the banks some day to share stories and tactics, until then keep posting as many of us enjoy your contribution and passion for the sport.
  11. Have to also disagree with you Lorne! When I moved to Burlington, it was Shawn who showed me all the spots to fish. We have been doing that ever since and the fishing has lead to a great friendship. His videos also inspired me to do my own & through YouTube & Shawn I have met with two more amazing guys, Tony & Jamie. This is what got me into fishing, big fish, good people & good times . The few times I am in Canada I make it a habit to meet up with the boys and get out & have some fun fishing times. I agree with Tangled line, theres tons of spots out there and its ours to fish & discover. I am also ready to share swims as I have i the past but dont like seeing them trashed! This kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated.
  12. Arvand


    Detroit has got bigger problems to solve than carp! Just a ploy to take away attention from more important and serious issues!
  13. Would really love to see Grassers in Ontario!
  14. Arvand

    My Victoria Day

    My son went out to Valley Inn, nothing but disappointment! Awesome fish guys!
  15. This is what happens when we have idiots decide things, total catastrophe!
  16. Uneducated fools with money on their minds! Had they promoted Carp fishing and the potential it has to bring tourist dollars, Manitoba would have the Carp as their Mascot! There could be some other devious plan behind all of this!
  17. Arvand

    Bait Bomb

    Here's something new in the Market " The Bait Bomb ", looks like there's no end to the products being developed by tackle companies. See for yourself. http://youtu.be/g0l9TSymg5c
  18. Nice video & some nice lookin fish! Gr8 stuff!
  19. Why cant we all retire at the age of 20 after high school?

  20. Must be the Booz, it plays tricks on the mind :-)
  21. Arvand

    Arvandz Carp

    A selection of the carp I have caught in Canada & Europe.
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