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  1. MarshallB Indiana North Zone
  2. Hey y'all, been cpl yrs since ive been on here, just wanna share some fish I've been lucky enough to grace my net. Tight Lines!
  3. So ready for spring and Mr. Chillcott knows whats up.

  4. This is the weirdest fish, idk what id do if i caught something like this. WEIRD!

  5. Yup just replace that bass woth a carp and thats me all the way!

  6. Haven't been on in forever but im in Marshall Burba Marshallb IN IN Venue
  7. not much to say but have had an awesome yr. so far here a few of good ones.
  8. going back to my spot in the morning trying to bag a koi or mirror want either 1 badly!

  9. few fishing pics, some carp munchies, lol

  10. who wants to come work my 3pm-12a.m. shift, lol

  11. reels freshly lined!

  12. Swim is baited, ready to fish Sunday!

  13. couple set up pics.

  14. Well think I'm just gonna hit the Fall Creek Swim tomorrow see if there any carp at all around now

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