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    Pictures from Texas Fishing
  2. Let me know where ya'll go. I am at a 90% to yes about going Saturday!!! I need to learn so much more, and I know that will be a good place to start!
  3. It was a great contest. Thank you for the votes. I can't wait to get my shirt!! Laura
  4. fish in at Emma Long this Saturday night,,,the more the merrier'

  5. The pod goes every where I do, and they work well in the wind too. I would be in trouble if I hook a 20+
  6. My fist time trying to load pics hope it worked. When I want a power nap this is my pod. I caught 15 carp on April 16 all less than 10# I was reeling in the first one and felt my pole jerk thought I may have bumped it. Happy to be wrong. A family had come to the marina side because the saw the fish I was catching on the point across from the marina. After I caught the two carp I spoke with the woman that was asking about my fish, and she asked if her kids could come see them. I said yes and this little boy was petting my carp, so I asked him if he wanted to help me put it back in the water. His eyes lit up and he carefully picked up the fish and we took his picture. Then he littler brother wanted to "help" me with the other one. After we put the fish back in, I was questioned, and they brought out their 3 ft kiddy poles with liver. They did not stay very long but I think they had a great memory of holding a BIG fish.
  7. Welcome to the CARP ANGLERS GROUP, as a member of the Board, and Avid CARP angler I stand ready to help you, and to answer questions that you might have about the sport

  8. Welcome to the CAG forums

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