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  1. DNA

    selling all my gear

    Hi everyone. im selling all my carp gear. everything is mint. no time to fish basicly i have two rods, ron thompson and a banchi. two reels, wychwood excorcist and solar both mint. got rod stands, granny cart, lots of other gear, everything needed to fish. im not set on any price and i really dont care, i just want all this sold. if anyone is intrested text me 289-700-9171 Dino.
  2. DNA

    Pier 8 Fish-In Report

    Look at those amazing colors on Bens catch!
  3. holy ####! thats wicked man.
  4. thank you, it was a really nice fish
  5. DNA

    Pier 8 Today

    guess my yacht was spotted
  6. Good ol Fred wouldn't approve that mess. RIP
  7. back to the crack corn eh Ben? lol good stuff buddy. wicked mirror
  8. Good job guys, looks like you guys had a bast.
  9. hahahahah love that vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. DNA

    A Revisit To An Old Swim

    nice big tail
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