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  1. Awesome post and what a trip! Fishing at its finest!
  2. Had a blast, thanks to randy and big D for the food,lorne for organizing the fish-in and dutchie for the gifts, great group of guys! Always a pleasure gents
  3. You can also tell when both fish have thier mouth closed, a goldfish mouth will be slightly turned outwards, and a carp//hybrid mouth will be pointed downwards. It can still be tricky to tell em' apart
  4. That looks like a feral goldfish mike, thats their normal wild colors,Good siZe carp for there aswell, welldone
  5. Looks like a pike to me, nothern pike
  6. Thats fricked up man, ill keep my eye out for you boys for sure. Sorry to hear this bro's thats a lot of gear
  7. Float fishing, the best fishing
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