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  1. Since being introduced to carp fishing 11 years ago, so much has happened. From the very beginning, each and every one of us knows there are countless obstacles and challenges ahead of us as aspiring carp anglers. From bearing the elements, to approaching the most challenging of waters; from choosing the proper bait, to presenting the appropriate rig. These are just a few of the ever-so-many feats an angler will face in his or her journeys. To those of you who are still reading; it is at this point where the carp have hooked us, if you will. It is the challenging, albeit somewhat dauntin
  2. If you're on here reading this, I probably am just stating the obvious when I say that carp fishing is about so much more than carp fishing, if you will. Carp fishing is not simply something that has changed my fishing, carp fishing is something that has changed my life. Carp fishing has undoubtedly played a role in helping me become the person I am today. It has made me feel a part of something that is so incredibly special. I'd like to take some time to thank each and every one of you that helped me stick with it along the way. Lets face it, carp fishing isn't easy. It takes a lot of ef
  3. In the midst of this busy world we live in, any day we can spend fishing is a day we all certainly can deeply cherish. But, something about fishing that water we've fished for years and are comfortable with offers an incredible experience. I've spent years trying out new spots and locations, and this article is by no means discouraging that. Actually, I strongly encourage it, and the ability to tackle new waters will only better one as an angler. However, so much time is spent writing about the first fish at a new location. Once again, I think that is important subject matter (in fact, my
  4. I got into beginning carp angling in 2009. To start, I got some hand-me-down gear from the friend who introduced me. I was using 2 no-namer baitrunner reels, and mastercast 12ft rods to start out. He also gave me a generic bag to hold gear and 2 fox micron bite alarms with banksticks and hangers. In the time since, I have been slowly trying to upgrade my gear as my passion for carp fishing is at an all time high. I am sure almost everyone one here uses BCT for purchases so if any of you can shed some light on the following products, I am looking for a good... -Holdall for rods (co
  5. As I am sure is the case for every carp angler, I will never forget being introduced to carp fishing. For me, at age 15, It was an emotionally charged experience. It was an experience filled with excitement, mystery, wonder, and quite honestly a little bit of skepticism too. After the catch and release of that very first carp, I am the one hooked. 7 years later, at age 22, I have the very rewarding and unique carp fishing obsession and almost all of you can relate. In these colder months, even though I could be, I am not as active actually fishing as I am come Spring. However, the obsessi
  6. As many of you know, being a young carp angler doesn't always prove to be the easiest task, especially in the states. There are certainly many barriers one can face trying to get into carp fishing. From personal experiences, I've found very few fishermen who understand the fish or rightful methods of fishing for them. When talking about your methods, some people look at you like you're crazy while other's won't even give you the time of day. The idea of this has come to me over the years as rather bittersweet. Sure, I enjoy that there isn't someone fishing for carp at my favorite spot every we
  7. I really need to work some extra hours to pay off these car repairs and become a cag member, not just a forum guest!

  8. It is to my belief that perfection is the most ambiguous word in the English language. The mere belief that perfection exists, to me, is an imperfection. As a keen observer of the human condition, there are many kinds of people out there, but there is no perfect kind. We are all different and we all make mistakes. It's just the nature of the beast. After recollection of all my prior fishing follies this past fishing season I have learned to laugh a lot of my mistakes away. I am sure I am not the first to say, I have thrown the infamous "I just lost a Carp" tantrum. Simply, having that adrenali
  9. Right back at you Horace, Always enjoy reading "Captain's Corner in CAG." My mother is dachshund obsessed. We have three of them!
  10. Dave, You aren't kidding about that statement. Just when you think you knew it all... Or a great deal anyways... Someone or something either shows you up. Pat
  11. Dave Pickering, That means so much man! I appreciate your thoughtfulness, I admire writers like yourself. It's guys like you that inspire me to write like this. It must be an honor to be an outdoor writer! Thanks for taking the time to read and post, Patrick Allen
  12. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read the story, I am more than happy to share my stories to those who are interested and experienced with carp fishing. Thanks Slimy, Oh how I would love to be an outdoors sports writer, but perhaps that is a bit of a pipe dream for me, but you never know!
  13. Here in Pennsylvania, when most water bodies are frozen in the brutally cold winter months, there's a lot of time to spend pondering about one's past fishing experiences and all the future fishing to come. Personally, this has become a sort of hobby in its own. A lot of days, I devote to watching informative DVDs and reading up on the plethora of information on this beautiful forum. It's great; the balance of pessimism and optimism involved in carp fishing. It is equally important to assess the circumstances when you are going to fish as well as to allow yourself a little bit of luck. Typical
  14. A few years ago, I found this fishing spot that grew on me in that I have had the most success, and know the most about this particular spot. After baiting several spots of the waterbody and undergoing some classic "trial and error" fishing, I started favoring this spot. Just last year, in the autumn months, I dedicated all my fishing endeavors to this particular spot. One of the beauties of carp fishing is when you can see the shadows of the fish swimming across the waterbody in packs. Of course, here in the states, most anglers will come up to and say something like, "Boy, those are some eno
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