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  1. Thanks for the tip.........we bring in all lines when have a take , eyes getting a little too wearing for tangles.... double or triples are a different story 🤣
  2. Haven’t been on here for a while, but I have been fishing. 2020 was a tough year, even though it was OK to get out, it seemed hard to make plans amongst all the stuff going on. Combine that with high water conditions, it seemed that nothing was going our way. I did manage a 4 day session at our favourite spot. We did well, landing 42 rather large specimens that topped out just north of 35 lbs. We are booked again this year for the prespawn and with the 3 rod amendment to the regulations I think we have a crack at 100 fish over 4 days. Here are a couple samples of the cal
  3. Water levels until quite recently have played a part in the spring fishing. One thing that I have had great success with is dried fruit for hook/ hairbait. Raisins (golden and red), dehydrated cranberreries (craisins) have done remarkably well. Try any tribs off of Lake Erie..... I have broken the 30 lb mark on 2 occasions and 20lb + fish can be expected at each session. Chumming to excess has always worked for me ...I'll go through a 5 gallon pail of boiled feed corn at each session. Good luck to all this season, it's going to be a good one.
  4. just checking in.....checking out ... tight lines....?
  5. Very interested in your endeavors, this is what this forum needs.. April 15 is my estimated splashdown date....
  6. Just checked with the google gods and some scientist claims that carp feeding patterns are the same from 4 - 34 degrees Celsius.... we'll be there before months end. Long range forecast for spring is warm and dry, sounds like heaven is just around the corner....
  7. Great venue, nice clean looking fish. Your smile says it all....can't wait for spring... Let's keep the carp eye candy going .....love this stuff
  8. Streamtripper


    signed and shared...thanks for starting this
  9. Wishing everyone a safe winter and look forward to some spring posts with some great looking fish...
  10. Thanks Mike, have gone 0 for 3 on the salmon front.....but did learn how to tie an egg loop knot......comes in handy carping to hold a PVA stick...
  11. November 5th was one of those June days in November. I was fortunate to get out with my fishing buddy and enjoy the warm day and some scrappy specimens...... Here are some pics...
  12. You are correct. Beyond the sign is the sanctuary......we have had CO officers drop by to say hi....I play by the rules as should everyone.
  13. Mixed emotions about this as an angler. In a lot of ways I like the enigmatic state of carp fishing. I wouldn't want to have it become a shoulder to shoulder sport like the steelheaders. Even if they held the tournament the gov would find another way to be a smile wiper...just saying....
  14. Thanks guys, as a footnote. I bought some prepared hookbait from Sail, called licorice lust....it was the hot bait....very pungent..
  15. Spent a great morning with a coworker and his young son....I think they are hooked
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