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  1. I don't know but would be interested also. More so for a fish-in but would be game for anything.
  2. Count me in. Would love to fish in neighboring states and this sounds like an excellent opportunity to wet a line in Tennessee. As long as its not the last 2 weeks in august I can attend.
  3. Hey MoCarp I am in the North Kansas City area again after a year of living outside of Missouri. I started fishing for carp as target species about 5 years ago then job change, move to another state and bills forced me to sell euro carp tackle. I am trying to build up my equipment again but use catfish rods and reels for now(think pay lake tackle). Not to many people I have run into while fishing share our sport but a couple in or around KC that post on CAG forum that I hope to run into sometime.
  4. Thanks to all for the welcome to the forum. Work is done (i hope) for the week so its time to get out there and start fishing.
  5. Big Carp, I used to have family close to walnut grove and fished the sac river next to their house as well as Stockton and pomy but haven't been in that area for a few years. I need to get back down that way as I loved fishing that area. Caught quite a few carp while cat fishing on the Sac. Thinking about those days now I wonder how many carp I would have played with if I was fishing for them specifically . John, Thanks for the welcome it's good to be here. Lots of info on CAG so trying to digest as much as possible but still keep it simple. Time on the water fishing with some bait and rig sug
  6. New to carp fishing and thought i would say hi to all. I fish all over Missouri and northern Arkansas with trips across the state line into Kansas. I have fished most of my life but never until now targeted carp so i am excited to see how i do.
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