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  1. Well the misses was very upset when I got home and she smelled the car. I went down to my son in law, he has a Chemdry carpet cleaning franchise. We worked foe three hours trying to clean the stink out of the car. Its now about 90% better. I put a Fabrese clip in my AC outlet, hopefully this will do the job.. Fortunately ,I lease this car from Chrysler Corp under their management lease program. Its definitely going back to Chrysler when the lease is up in January. I learned my lesson, don't put soaked corn in a cat litter bucket. I'll use the buckets with spin on lids in the future.
  2. I plan on bringing lucky Aaron and all the "STUFF" he won at the Smokehouse get together.
  3. Paid today, looking forward to going back and catching carp next year.
  4. Name- Phil Davenport Cag name- radaarphl State- Ohio Fishing- Ohio
  5. #3 for me Bob, I'm coming up Sunday and staying with the Bonds. Thanks Phil D
  6. I'm planning on being there Saturday morning.
  7. Good luck guys, sorry I can't be there this year, but I'll be with you in spirit.
  8. Thanks for the info Craig. I don't think it would be wide enough to put my pod in.
  9. Vince, I have a 3lb Greys X-flite rod forsale. I haven't used it because I have three Greys 3.5 lb X-flite rods I use for most of my carp fishing. One of the 3.5 rods has very litte use. I used it last year at Saginaw. I might cosider selling it if your interested. Bob,I'm interested in the Warrior buss bar bag. You said it was 32 x 10. What is it's width?
  10. I remember that trip to Eagle Creek well. It rained cats and dogs Saturday night and my tent leaked. I packed all my tent and tackle up and put it in my Jeep and accidently locked my keys in the car. I had to wait about two hours for AAA to show up. It is a nice place to fish, plenty of shade and bank space. Rick Drees (DA CAT KING) came by and visited with me several hours. We had a good time reminising about CAG and carp fishing. Big John has a camp down there and he cooked a big pot of chuck roast with spicy V8 juice and vegtables. There was enough stew to feed the whole camp, man it was good.
  11. I just registered today. Ohio's going to have a competitive team.
  12. I'll bring all the paper plates and towels.
  13. Chad and Jim, my English friend, Alan and I, enjoyed visiting with you guys. We got to reminisce about the ATC in Austin, weigh a few of your carp and sample Jim's Vodka tonic. Hope to neet with you guys on the bank in the future. Congrats on you win, you deserved it with the difficulty of your peg. Cheers Phil
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