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  1. Ian

    Hey Louis, i have some questions about fishing in Maine. I know Scott Osmond has a good write up on Maine, but i was wondering about your experience on the Kennebec. 

  2. If it helps, I paid via auto renewal on 4/20. Paypal Transaction ID: 2KV341823K278333U
  3. Hoping someone can help me with the same issue- I should be in the honorary "trustee" group, though for the record I still pay a membership fee bc I love CAG so unsure why I'd be a guest.
  4. Louis, Happy B"Day and a Wish for Many MORE!


  5. whats up Louis? You're the philly fish guy dude aren't you? i've been wanting to hook up with you guys forever for some fishing... i live up north above allentown... always thought about going down to the schuykill for some carpin' but didn't know where to start... plus theres loads of huge carp in the lehigh and delaware... let me know if you guys ever wanna come up nort...

  6. To tell you the truth, I really DO use it in salad dressings too. This is a steal compared to the small bottles at the health foods store.
  7. Hi Louis, cant remember if i sent you my address....? Here it is for the shirt.

    136S 4th Ave

    Beech Grove,In 46107

  8. Send in your articles and photographs and get published in the next NACA publication. We are always looking for reports on tournaments and fish-ins, as well as instructional articles, personal anecdotes, books and tackle reviews. Share your knowledge and experiences with our carp angling community! For submission to the “Carp News” section or the front/back cover pages, send photographs of a nice catch along with a short descriptive paragraph. Please include important details such as the name of the angler, the weight of the fish, and where it was caught. Photographs are always welcome! If you submit an article, please try to include several photographs to accompany it. Please note: • Articles should not exceed 2000 words. • Microsoft Word is the preferred format for articles, but any text file will do. • Photographs should be sent as JPEGs or TIFFs in high resolution (at least 200 dpi), but we can manage with other formats. • The DEADLINE for submissions is mid-January for the Q1 issue, mid-April for the Q2 issue, mid-July for the Q3 issue, and mid-October for the Q4 issue. • Submissions must be sent via e-mail to NACA editors- naca@carpanglersgroup.com.
  9. Read up on the latest in such topics as club news, tackle selection, bait and feed recipes, and the state of carp angling into the 21st century by subscribing to NACA. Join Carp Anglers Group to start your subscription today! The North American Carp Angler (NACA) comes out at least 4 times a year. It's a full color glossy magazine is written by the finest Carp anglers in North America - Members of CAG - and also features articles from successful carpers around the world. It is loaded with ideas you can use from English methods for this continent to lesser known traditional American Carping tactics. Past articles have even been syndicated in In-Fisherman magazine. We’d like to hear from you too if you have an idea or an article. Writers and photographers, please check out the NACA Submission Guidelines. One article from each NACA is published for you to enjoy for free here. Order individual issues of NACA Price: $4.95 each plus S&H from Big Carp Tackle
  10. Please support those that support us
  11. CAG is now up to 10 B&T members! Please support those that support us!
  12. Joe Babbitt, Long time friend of CAG and carp enthusiast has added his business to the list of CAG B&T Supporters: Carp Fishing Holidays On the St. Lawrence River The St Lawrence Experience provides carp fishing holidays on the mighty St Lawrence River, which is extremely heavily stocked with long lean powerful carp that cruise along the American - Canadian Border. The St Lawrence River is over 1000 miles long and over a mile wide in many places. These powerful carp will give you an amazing carpin' experience to tell all your friends about when you return. Fishing from your base at Waddington on the banks of the St Lawrence River in New York State,USA. you will have the use of a boat so you can access the rivers' inlets and bays, but some of the best fishing is to be had no more than two minutes walk from your base. Your host, Joe Babbitt, will work tirelessly to ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime. Top quality tackle hire is inclusive of the price of your holiday. You can order bait which will be waiting for you when you arrive. In fact all you need to do is turn up for that Carping holiday of a lifetime.
  13. i cant wait to try them. i love the foodsource lures. for all of you multi species guys, give them a try! other soft plastics are filled with poison anyway... i'll buy them just to support food source. i'm sure they will catch fish. the soft plastic lures follow the euro tradition of boilie- nutrition concern like in the peanut butter glug thread. you could feed the lures to your pet fish and they would put on weight. other soft plastics will kill afish if they swallow them. and berkely gulp and other bio-degradeable lures are still artificial, like pva. these are actually good for the fish. again, well done paul! i cant wait to try them.
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