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  1. Received mine today. Thank you. Love the 25th Anniversary pin. First time I have received this magazine even if been a member for a few years.
  2. Hi Willem,

    Can't remember the process used when renewed my membership.

    Do you save info on members like method of payment?


    Michel Dumont

    a.k.a.: LeGrand

  3. When you receive good quick and efficient service, you are very encouraged to continue ordering/purchasing from your supplier. I've always been satisfied with Carp Kit International.
  4. Without Sponsors, less carpers would show-up to organized fishing events. Their donations (especially Big Carp Tackle) should be reflected by participants encouraging their purchases towards these sponsors. If it wasn't for the low value of the CDN $$ compared to the US$ currency, I would myself encourage them.
  5. OK thanks. Pretty far for me (did a Google Earth search), but also as a volunteer for Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) in managing the wetlands near where I live, I am responsible for the contingency hunts (2 weekends) organised on the site at that time. Missing a great venue for sure.
  6. If you fish fast current in the St-Lawrence River what recommend weight would be best, and what braided line resistance in lbs woul best suit that river's abrasive environment (e.g., zebra mussels, etc.)?
  7. Always had great service myself ordering there. Simon is very efficient.
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