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  1. Hi Donald

    I to am new to the area (Hingham - next door).

    Once I get settled in I'll be looking for fishing spots.


    Cheers   Derek

  2. Sorry MA team, I can't make it due to car trouble. Bought a new truck last weekend and the dam thing has engine warning lights already.
  3. I will get the wet weather gear out just in case
  4. Donald Low

    New PB 28-11

    Great catch lefty. Beats my USA PB by some ways. Keep it up bro. The 30 isn't far off.
  5. Great day... Plenty of action. Thanks to everyone.
  6. Count me in. I will be fishing for MA this year.
  7. I am in. PM me with location when you have one.
  8. South Shore Venues

  9. Wish I could mate. Be lucky.
  10. Hi Froggy, I am heading north of Boston this weekend but would really like to try some of the rivers south of Boston next weekend. Maybe we can meet and see ifwe can find some fish? Donnyboy
  11. Donald Low

    First Koi

    Nice fish, great angler.... I am really pleased to see that MA is a big fish area. Wasnt expecting it when I moved here.
  12. Lefty, I Will be heading back there Sunday morning for a few hours. Maybe we can meet. PM me if you don't know the location. Donnyboy
  13. Iain, I plan on going this weekend any way, so I am very interested to join you. Let us all know where. Donnyboy
  14. Hey Leftus, I am based in MA south of Boston. Waiting for the ice to melt and the rivers to not be running muddy brown. I went out to check a few ponds and rivers last weekend and it's not there yet. I hope to make my first session on the 11th and 12th of April (mrs is away that weekend - yay). PM me next week if you want to join me. I am still pretty new to the US but have been carping most of my life in the UK. I cant pretend to know many of the spots, but I am sure we can find somewhere 'likely'. The MA crowd are very welcoming. There was a fish-in last year in the late summer that was great fun and I met some good fishing buddies. Donnyboy
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