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  1. Been there., done that. I fished a seriously swollen river in NW Georgia...rod suddenly lurched over and pretty quickly it was obviously a big log rolling down the river. I pulled for a break, but then the log turned and went upstream! I was fishing 20lb line straight through and could do nothing with it...neither turn it or slow it down. Eventually the line broke. I reckon I was (foul) hooked into a lake sturgeon...either that or a log that could swim!
  2. I am getting VERY fed up...every weekend arrives with absolutely horrible weather and I haven't got a decent session in for an age. So I got to thinking about similar times long ago. The scene: A cold snowy Germany( Frankfurt Am Main to be precise) in the winter of 1985. I had been stuck inside during the harshest winter I had ever endured. Snow was on the ground for seemingly months- it had frozen solid and when you went out driving pretty much all you could do was follow the ruts...which might not be the way you wanted to go. Temperatures had been well below freezing for a long long t
  3. OK It looks like I wont be registering_ spent what seemed like an age trying to pay my annual subscription and was sent round and round in circles. I give in ! Tony Locke
  4. Count me in...fished it for a few years now. Blew out last year...catching several channel cats but not a sniff of a carp. This year.... Tony Locke GA
  5. Give it a rest, stay home and stay dry! The rivers are over the banks and more rain seems to be in the forecast every Friday to totally screw up fishing at the weekend! It has been a struggle and, at least for me, the carp haven't been showing in the side streams like they normally do when the river is in flood. So any success has come from fishing a back-swim on the main river, but the fishing has been tough!
  6. Count me in Name : Tony Locke State : Georgia Zone: South
  7. Count me in! Name : tony Locke CAG name: Tony Locke State :GA Under 17 ...I wish...is there a category for the over 60's???
  8. My first trip to North America from England....there was a large pond/ small lake in the middle of Kitchener, Ontario. So armed with some corn and bread I set off to see what I could catch out of it. The answer was GOLDFISH..big ones, little ones, orange ones, yellow ones, white ones! I was not pleased...I hadn't come 3000 miles to catch bloody goldfish. So I put a big worm on the hook and cast it out into the middle. What did I get ? An 18lb snapping turtle!! Not the best start to fishing in America!
  9. I used to live in Africa...we had giant african land snails that had shells to 6inches in length. They loved beer..and so leave a glass of beer overnight and it would be full of snails come morning. So....maybe a bit of alcohol in your packbait or soaking your corn in Jack Daniels might help you beat your pb snail! And if it fails, you can drink the JD to drown your sorrows...its a win/win situation!
  10. I would say B and C hold the best chances if extra water and color is in there. It would also mean less rubbish on the line if the river is in flood. Having said that, I have read several articles that have stated that we catch fish in the backwaters in those conditions because that is where we fish when the river is high. The fish, I am told, tend to stay in the main flow. So I put that to the test last weekend...I used a grippa 87g feeder out in the main flow and lighter feeders in the baskswim. Only bites were in the backswim, but then I gave up on the main flow due to the collection of lea
  11. Sorry...no idea. Let us know how it goes. I could find nothing about carp catches there as it all was about bass and crappie. The lake carp of GA can be tough to catch but I see there you could camp and get a feeding regimen started. that would boost your chances. I find these GA lake carp very "seasonal" in where they roam and what is a hot spot in March can be dead the rest of the year. I have tried several GA lakes based upon people claiming to see "loads of massive carp" and have typically drawn a blank. In the north, lakes attached to the Coosa and Chattahoochee system have c
  12. Franky...I am with you on this. What makes the events of last Saturday sort of frustrating is I dont know if I snagged that buff or hooked it fairly. Luckily, as it wasn't a pb then it doesn't really matter!
  13. Cannonball... For me, the point of our way of fishing is to get the fish to take a baited hook and thus catch them. I would not for example aim to snag a large carp in the way that people fish for paddlefish. I suppose you could say that as long as I am trying to get the fish to take a baited hook then any foul hooked or snagged fish are fairly caught and thus count as caught. The fact that I am not sure that my hook ever entered that buff sort of takes away from its capture. Tony
  14. Seems like a stupid question, but see if you feel the same way by the end of this story. Of course the obvious answer is when you land it, but even that is not a given, at least for me. I fish pretty much exclusively barbless hooks...or microbarbed if I have trouble keeping a bait on. So when I have a fish that is nothing special, I will try to shake it off rather than go to the hassle of netting and unhooking it. I do this especially with trout as they are so delicate and how I HATE catching them out of the 'Hooch here in Atlanta. What about foul hooked fish? I tend to count them
  15. As I watched the progress of Irma an article caught my eye: "5 things not to do in a hurricane"...and going fishing was not mentioned. So no problem then? As Irma battered Florida, my thoughts went to those who suffered and back home we were getting a car load of supplies ready to take to a central point for further distribution. Our dog looked particularly sad because one donation was a 50lb bag of dried dog food. However Irma was weakening significantly and by the time it reached me in Atlanta on Monday afternoon, the winds were down to gusts of up to 60 mph and heavy rain was coming
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