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  1. Tracy, have you thought about pole feeders, that's if the floats are not heavy enough
  2. Carpislife

    Live Maggots?

  3. In matches on the pole, the more pressure the harder the grass carp will fight. I think the grass carp can feel pain thier lips.
  4. Hello Fish-in Memorial day weekend May 26th 2012, Chicago Lincoln Park Rowing Canal. We'll be fishing South of the boat house. The canal should be in prime time for biguns. Time: 6:30am until you want to leave. All is welcome.
  5. Dr. Frank Rink Only to rods this year, last year I thought it was three rods.
  6. One don't have to be a Chairperson to put on a fish-in. Memorial Day weekend May 26th or 27th looks like the best time to put. Tell me what do you think and I will hold a fish-in on one of those days.
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