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Hi all!

      I am a pathologic fisherman, and just started carp fishing on June 27 of this year; pushing 100 carp so far, including 2 grass carp, but my first was this 30" 14lb ghost carp-beautiful fish!....My avatar is a 37" 22lb common caught on 3 sweet peas!. I concentrate on out of the way area creeks, as the fish are much stronger than lake fish, though the avatar fish was caught in an area lake.....I'm not real sophisticated on carptech, but when I fish, nuthin distracts me!.......I also focus on length rather than weight-that varies but length only grows!!!......:D...Id like to see who is in the KC area that focuses on carp.....

CAG Big Four November 13 2016 18lb 4 oz.JPG

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