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  1. I would try A, unless you can hit the spot between A and B. The fish will travel as they forage and due to the opening of the cove will be likely to pass that point. I think you will jave more fish passing your hook there.
  2. When i was young we would use m80s to get bait. We would turn the lights on over the water at night and as all the bait fish schooled we would drop one in. It would stun them and we would scoop up and either geind them into chum or toss them in a cooler for the next day. Got in a lot of trouble doing it but had plenty of free bait!
  3. There's a lot to consider in this thread. I hooked into a huge fish on a hair rig yesterday (only to have it spit the hook 5 minutes later!) but I had countless other "hits" with no hookups. It is very possible there are smaller bass hitting the corn and giving the impression I'm missing carp though. I think I will need to experiment further with my rigs. Perhaps tie some new hair rigs, and experiment with baiting directly to the hook again. I was speaking with a gentleman fishing next to me yesterday and he shared in the same location last year he and his wife caught approximately 200 carp, but had only landed about 50 so far this year. Perhaps they've just gotten smarter!
  4. Thanks guys. I actually do know how to tie and rig hair rigs. The ones I tied up are exactly as they should be. My problem has been a very low hookup rate on them. (much lower than when using corn directly on the hook).
  5. Well the rig worked perfectly on this guy just now.
  6. Up until recently I fished corn directly on a hook and had some pretty high hook-up rates. After watching many videos and reading many articles I decided to make a change to using hair rigs with pack baits and/or method feeders (depending on where I was fishing). Since that point production has dropped dramatically. I have plenty of pickups but very few hookups. I was using the hair rig method of hooking the loop back over the hook in lieu of using a bait stop. So I figured this "cheat" so many were touting was likely counteracting the benefits of the hair rig. So, I started using stops on the rig. No change. Any ideas? Am I just on a cold streak for catching?
  7. A back lead is typically used to keep baits on the bottom. Have you tried a pyramid sinker attached to the swivel on its own 4lb test line? In snaggy areas often getting the lead to the bottom quickly can reduce snagging. Also when you reel it in, get it up off the bottom quick. Also consider shorter casts. The less line in the current the less weight u need to fight the currwnt and debris washing by.
  8. When fishing in tidal rivers I have always (in my experience without exception) found the waters to be filled with snags and debris. That doesn't mean 100% in the USA are, but I have never found a portion of the Delaware River that was clean of them. Full trees, tires, boulders, etc. When bait fishing striper in the Delaware I used very light leader to the sinker and just hope I can break off the lead when I get snagged. (and I always get snagged.).
  9. Well done. Just shows when you put in the time you always have a shot at decent fish. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Its a decent spot for carp. Lots of bass and crappie picking at bait, but if you can keep baited up there are a few carp in there. Still haven't seen any sign of any big guys yet though. Congrats to your grandson!
  11. My "trout rod" is a 5' Shakespeare ultra light (2-6lb) spooled with 6lb test.
  12. The Deep Creek I am referring to is a very small lake just below the Green Lane Reservoir in Green Lane PA. I doubt there are any real hogs in this place. It's pretty small.
  13. Fished Deep Creek twice over the past 3 days. Have been trying new packbait recipes and tried hair rigs for the first time. Had some success both days. I am thankful I had my net tonight because I caught a 24 incher on a trout rod.
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