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Fins Up: Daiwa Customer Service

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Finally managed to get out for the first time this year on the Quest for Carp, 2014. No sooner had I cast out with one rod to wet the line that upon the retrieve one of my Daiwa Sealine Black 4500 BRI Bite & Run reels made some cracking sounds and jammed. Once I dismantled it (bankside surgery at it's best) I noticed that the plastic line guard (a dome shaped contraption with slots) that fits under the aluminum spool had literally shattered. Down to a single reel I finished the rest of the couple of hour session and returned home to scour the web for a spare part.

First trip out of the season, not only did I blank, but I killed one of my reels ! :angry2:

On the Daiwa's website I was able to locate the detailed parts breakdown for the reel and part # I required. However I could not actually order the part as their order tool was having issues "finding" the part. So I fired off an email to Daiwa. I was expecting a reply in a few days with some crazy $$$ amount required to replace the part, if it was even available. My email wasn't even requesting a warranty repair, just an inquiry about the spare part availability and price.

This morning I had pleasant surprise in my email from Daiwa Customer Service. They are now sending me a replacement line guard, for free, which I should have it in a few days. Now that's great speedy service which exceeded my expectations.

I've worked for the past couple of decades in IT technical support and customer service. It is easy for us all to post our rants and raves when support and service fails to meet the customer needs. Just wanted to post a "Fins-Up" for Daiwa Customer Service - I was very pleased, and honestly, a little surprised !


I may now be on Daiwa's frequent service department customer list. In 2 years i've shattered 2 rods and now a reel -- perhaps I am just hard on equipment ? "Finney, for all equipment your Quality Testing Needs!".

Tight Lines,

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