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  1. Two PBs busted in one session!

    nice captures
  2. "Hurricane" carping

    nice capture
  3. Poll: Where would you fish this swim?

    I'd go with "A" - any fish travelling to points "B" and "C" must go through "A" - unless they come from (downstream??) of "A". Bait up "A" - the fish will find it.
  4. Three days on the Hiawassee with friends

    nice captures
  5. Positive carping!

    Careful what you wish for..........
  6. On the bank again!

    nice captures
  7. Green Lane- Deep Creek Lake Report

    Deep Creek MD??? Some real hogs in there.........
  8. CAG Spring Big4 Prizes

    nice captures
  9. decent day on the lake

    nice captures
  10. Haw River carp fishing

    nice capture
  11. correction: changed from 2 to 3! You have to approach it Like Andy Dufresne petitioning for a prison library............keep hammering away and NEVER give up.
  12. CAG BIG 4 SPRING 2017

    nice capture!
  13. CAG Big Four goldfish!!

    nice capture