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  1. bailybird

    2018 CCC

    Sad it dint make it back to Chicago we’re it all began
  2. bailybird

    CAG Big Four Spring 2018

    Can I get the link for register plz
  3. bailybird

    Hey y'all, here some fish for ya!

    Great catches
  4. What a great turn out can't wait to see all the old faces and meet the new ones ???????????????
  5. Sorry fellas I'm working ot all weekend I'm out just too busy
  6. Thx agin frank for putting on a great event also Larry for the awesome child bring on the spring can't wait to fish with you all once agin thx agin guys ???
  7. Sorry guys we out I got called in double time I'm taking it good luck all
  8. Clorox will donate a bag of match lite charcoal ....... And a bag of pva bags for fish closest to 10.15 Thx all see u in morning cory