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  1. Ken

    Its been a while.

    Corndog, I, too, have just made a comeback after a bit of time off the water. Feels good to be at it again, doesn't it? Your story reminded me of my experience of having a rod snap during a fight. I was using a 7 foot rod and it snapped at the middle ferrule. I remember watching the top half of my pole sliding down the taut line towards the carp on the other end. I also had a happy ending to that one, landing the carp with just a 3 foot stub. I also had a memorable "double catch" this past weekend. I was fishing two rods and had the close one go out. I set the hook into what seemed a large, spirited fish. I was enjoying the fight when the other pole's reel started singing. Great! I started horsing the first fish in as hard and quickly as I dared. The bait runner continued to stream out line on the second reel. The first fish finially showed up close enough to try to net. It turned out to be an 8 1/2 pound cat, which gave an excellent account of itself. I thought it was a bigger fish. Trying to do everything too fast, it took several attempts to get the cat in the net. The cat, net, and first rod were unceremoniously dragged up in the weeds and abandonned. The bait runner was looking uncomfortably empty, with the line still pouring out heading for the other side when I locked the reel and started on the second fish. With all that line out to start with coupled with the current of the river, I had a battle to remember, trying to get the fish back in. I was thinking I was definately getting my moneys worth on this one. What made it especially rewarding, in addition to the fish avoiding the snags out there and the line avoiding all the zebra mussels on the rocks, the fish turned out to be a 13-5 mirror. What more could I ask for? Ken
  2. I have experienced broken lines a hundred-fold here in upstate NY in the last few years. At first I was blaming everything but the real culprit--zebra mussels. The mussels are about everywhere now, and they cut the lines like a knife. When there is a fish on, and the line goes across a rock with mussels on it, it is an instant-game-over. Many times the line will be cut just attempting to set the hook. The lines have to be constantly looked at, and changed quite often, because of horrible fraying and chafing from the mussels. The braided lines stand up to the chafing a little better, but they are anything but impervious. I'm afraid now that these mussels are so numerous, changing line is now a continual and expensive way of life. Ken
  3. Hey Jason, 'Glad to see you made it to CAG. This place will do nothing but make the fever worse. -Ken
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