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  1. Ok, I heard from him, he's back in the UK, he sold all his gear, nothing left...
  2. Guys, I think Stuart doesn't have access to this section of the forum anymore, since he was a trial member... I tried to send him an e-mail asking for contact information... Will let you know.
  3. Very very few FFF participants landed a 30 pounder. I vividly remember the first one, it was Tommy Robinson in DC. Big congrats, Cesar!
  4. This is incredible! You are such an amazing artist. Best FFF creative submission *EVER*.
  5. Jerome

    FFF 2019 - Register Here!

    83 registrations! VERY impressive! Frank's organizing skills are truly paying off. Well done.
  6. "Missouri bivvy" Kirk Suedmeyer, "Frozen fingers" Chris Harriman, "Fishing licenses" Tim Columbo (and also "Not Eligible" Frank Rink), you guys are all FFF MVPs! I really enjoyed reading those stories. Incredible tales, contagious enthusiasm, great pics and you all have your own unique brand of writing. Thank you for all the work you put in this event.
  7. Jerome

    Happy New Year!

    Thank you, mister President...
  8. Then a kid came to fish with me for a little while. And we got him his first carp ever. A life-changing event for Lorenzo!
  9. Super windy today, should have good for the bite, but... the fish didn't agree... I painfully caught those two small fellows late morning. Didn't weigh them. First pic courtesy of Martin Colombo, thanks, buddy.
  10. Jerome

    FFF 2019 - Register Here!

    Sounds that the water might not be iced out after all... I'll give it a try. Your name: Jerome Moisand Your CAG forum name: Jerome Your state or province of residence: MA The state or province of your FFF 2019 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: same And Frank, while you're at it, please register Iain Murray (redcoat), he volunteered to be my net man... 😉
  11. Jerome

    CAG Fall Big 4 Results

    It was early Christmas today! I received my prizes for the big mirror, very cool. Many thanks to Iain and to the sponsors. PS. I landed this beautiful mirror after 2 days of catching one catfish after another. 15 minutes before giving up at dusk after a long and windy day. Quite the reward.
  12. I just received a reel and a rod pod I bought from Stuart. He's easy going, he packed the items safely and promptly, he provided a working tracking number, followed up on the delivery, and the items are in excellent shape (now that it belongs to me, this reel will never stay as shiny as I received it!). I'm glad I made the leap of faith.
  13. Jerome

    CAG Fall Big 4 Results

    You can easily find pictures of Kody and Sean on Facebook.
  14. Jerome

    CAG Fall Big 4 Results

    Well done, Sean and Kody! Amazing fish you caught! Barry, there is no freaking way you are going to beat me *again* next year... 😉
  15. Jerome

    Fall Big 4 2018 - Regional Awards

    Cool, thanks a lot.