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  1. Jerome

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    Thank you. Not a leather, it has (some) scales on the body, and the upper row of scales is regular size (leather's are really small). Just a very cool mirror. Saved the day. Well, saved the week, in truth...
  2. Jerome

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    After two days of hard fishing in a cold wind, catching one catfish after another, here is what took my bait in my last 15 minutes of fishing... 29 pounds even.
  3. Jerome

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    The biggest fish of my discovery story, 26 pounds and change. In a very scenic location.
  4. Jerome


    KingKool, this is super cool!
  5. Jerome


    Fantastic! And well done managing a double run of 20s, that is impressive. Yes, seasons have a major impact on fishing and fishing locations, you're right. A few days ago, I royally blanked at a state park I fished with great success last spring. And it's October, and carp are biting all over the place... If you are in the right place, that is. You clearly were. Congrats. Do it again!
  6. Jerome

    Live Leaderboard - Instructions

    And here is the link to the registration/login page for the leaderboard (took me a little while to find it, so here it is, so I can find it again!): http://ldb.carpanglersgroup.com/
  7. Jerome

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    My first decent fish... 22lb from a brand new spot in upstate NY. Please note the BIG BIG4 sign!
  8. Jerome

    Starting the BIG 4 with a BIG BANG!

    Please note that those fish were actually monsters compared to the one I caught on Sep 30th, as a warm-up for the Big4... This wasn't the same location at all, 3 hours of driving apart, actually. Tomorrow, enough with the babies, I'll go after the biggies... And probably blank. Oh well.
  9. I'm traveling right now, so I had to go to a copy shop to print the Big4 logo. The lady saw it, liked it, and decided (without asking me!) to print it to a double-size letter (more or less A3) format... I thought this was funny, and paid for it. Then I went fishing to a brand new spot. First catch was very small, second one was even smaller, and I decided to go get the BIG BIG4 logo from my car! Sure enough, I caught another baby in no time (I landed 10 of them before I got bored of it, and went to explore something else!). Here is the pic. And this wasn't the smallest... We really should have an extra prize for the smallest carp for this event!
  10. Jerome

    Official 2018 Fall Big 4 LOGO

    Neat logo, thanks.
  11. Jerome

    Champion of the Queen Award - Barry Howard

    The perfect choice! Congratulations to a well deserving champion of the queen!
  12. Jerome

    CAG Spring Big 4 - Question!

    MA: June. Sometimes end of May.
  13. Jerome

    Fall Big 4 2018 - Proposal

    The proposal described in the first post for the fall event seems an excellent compromise to me, much better balanced than the ill-formed change from last year. And yes, why not extend the event till the end of November (fishing remains excellent throughout November in most Northern states, and yes, fish will get fatter in the South by then, this sounds fine and fair). No more than 2 months though, otherwise we'd lose focus. About separate events in the spring between north and south, this made me cringe a bit to start with, a nation-wide event really should occur at the same time for everybody, but it is certainly true that the regional conditions are very different by then, and yes, this would basically end up with 3 distinct events. Why not give it a try and see what goes. It's good to experiment a bit, as long as feedback is sought for, and the changes are well communicated ahead of time.
  14. Jerome

    Caught a Beautiful Koi

    This is an absolutely gorgeous fish. Well done, Rex. And I love the passion about fishing you keep displaying...
  15. This is a very cool video. Well done, Rex! And two nice fish!