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  1. Jerome

    CAG Fall Big 4 Results

    You can easily find pictures of Kody and Sean on Facebook.
  2. Stuart, I'm sure you fished with some of the CAG members in Illinois. Just get one of the 'old guys' to vouch for you here, and this should alleviate -understandable- concerns (and improve your sales process too!). Just my 2 cents.
  3. Jerome

    CAG Fall Big 4 Results

    Well done, Sean and Kody! Amazing fish you caught! Barry, there is no freaking way you are going to beat me *again* next year... 😉
  4. Jerome

    Fall Big 4 2018 - Regional Awards

    Cool, thanks a lot.
  5. Jerome

    Fall Big 4 2018 - Regional Awards

    Region I. 30-0lb. NY. 29lb. PA. 26-8lb. NY. 22lb. NY.
  6. Jerome

    Live Leaderboard - Instructions

    Leaderboard doesn't display anything nowadays? Yes, I tried multiple browsers with my laptop, and even my smartphone...
  7. Jerome

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    I played my last card today, caught several upper teens, but no 20+... And I needed a 30+ to catch up with Barry... LOL Oh well, I made a youngster play the last fish of the day (and probably of the year) and he was a happy dude... Made my day too.
  8. Jerome

    ct state record

    What an amazing fish... Can't recall seeing one that long... Congrats Roland!
  9. Jerome

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    The other one was 26lb, but it wasn't mine. We had a double run with Iain Sorrell, and had a cool 56lb brace!
  10. Jerome

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    A nice 30lb fish to end a tough day of fishing on a pleasant note...
  11. Jerome

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    Thank you. Not a leather, it has (some) scales on the body, and the upper row of scales is regular size (leather's are really small). Just a very cool mirror. Saved the day. Well, saved the week, in truth...
  12. Jerome

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    After two days of hard fishing in a cold wind, catching one catfish after another, here is what took my bait in my last 15 minutes of fishing... 29 pounds even.
  13. Jerome

    Post your Big 4 Photos!

    The biggest fish of my discovery story, 26 pounds and change. In a very scenic location.
  14. Jerome


    KingKool, this is super cool!
  15. Jerome


    Fantastic! And well done managing a double run of 20s, that is impressive. Yes, seasons have a major impact on fishing and fishing locations, you're right. A few days ago, I royally blanked at a state park I fished with great success last spring. And it's October, and carp are biting all over the place... If you are in the right place, that is. You clearly were. Congrats. Do it again!