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  1. I still have my CCC section win trophy from... oh god... 15 years ago or so? I got lucky at the peg draw, an end swim at the Des Plaines river definitely helped! Good luck to everybody, and many thanks to Chad for organizing the event this year. A seed planted a while ago did work! 😉
  2. I don't drink cheap beer... only expensive wine... 😉 Will give you tips by PM. For free.
  3. Here is another VERY unusual catch from yesterday... I was exploring a new lake, found a nice spot, I was doing some plumbing with my regular carp rig (3oz inline lead, size 6 hook), I didn't have anything on the hook, I reeled in and I felt a fish... HUH? Turned out to be a small pickerel! It probably went after the lead and somehow found the hook! Now that is a first for me!
  4. Even the fish looks proud of himself! Terrific!! PS. Darn it! You just kicked me out of the top-10... Intolerable!
  5. Ah, June 29th & 30th... I am actually going to Syracuse to help with their kids event (same week-end): https://www.facebook.com/events/1063185713882344/ I wish you luck, you're doing a good thing here. You may want to communicate on Facebook about this, on the CAG page.
  6. Hey Sam, I don't think I'll be able to make it due to other constraints, but very good of you to do so. Just to better understand (and maybe plan for next year), would you mind explaining a bit more what the event is made of? And what you expect the helpers to do?
  7. A brace of 30s? Very cool!
  8. I've seen a few fish like that, and I am pretty sure this is some sort of skin infection. I wouldn't touch such fish with my bare hands, quite frankly.
  9. Caught a nice thick one tonight... 29-12. Made my day.
  10. The rowing boat snuck on me (they really don't make much noise!) while I was deep in a book, and somehow my line got caught under the boat (and triggered my alarm!), so I had to reel in the whole thing (boat and girls!) to untangle the mess... Powerpro rules, I didn't break my line, nor lost my rig! And I released the slightly flustered girls (and the boat!)...
  11. I like a big fat wallet... Ladies... This is a family forum, I can't really elaborate, but let's just say this is a bit different..
  12. Yeah, well, my Big4 score so far isn't exactly 'legend worthy', LOL. But yes, I'll be happy to fish with you at some point. Don't hesitate to nag me by PM.
  13. A walleye, now that's a first. Very cool. So here is your new challenge. One day, I caught a wallet (with a couple of credit cards!). Another day, I caught a bra (I kid you not!). Oh, and yet another day, I reeled in a rowing boat with two pretty athletic girls on top. Money and ladies and fishing, plenty enough to make a man happy... Let's see if you can match that... 😉
  14. Oh boy. That is the next cover for the NACA, no doubt. Amazing!! Monster congratulations !!!
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