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  1. As your new President - Thank you!

    I wish you (and CAG) good luck. Big task ahead.
  2. CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    Thinking more about it, there is a little something I could easily do. I forwarded to NACA editor the pics from contestants I received by e-mail (folks having troubles with PNG to JPG conversion). Who happen to be #3 and #4 in the ranking. So Todd, if you could please send your own best pic (in high resolution) to the NACA editor, I think we'll be all set.
  3. CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    Todd, I hear you, and yes, the Leaderboard had issues this year, and Willem has been a bit stumped about the root cause of the problem. As an admin, I could access the leaderboard while being able to see the (compressed) pics and sort by columns, but as a regular user, I had the same "loading" issue as you did. I just don't know how to address your request, except ask the contestants to post their own pics in the bragging thread, and/or to send their favorite pic to the NACA editor, as suggested in the previous post.
  4. CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    The pics on the leaderboard are compressed to a very small size, and I don't have access to the originals. You're welcome to post on the 'bragging thread'. Oh wait, you did! ;-)
  5. CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    LOL, and here I was hoping to get all the credit... Just kidding. Yes, Frank, you'll get full credit in the coming NACA, I just sent the corresponding write-up to Iain. Many thanks for your help, this design was really cool.
  6. CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    The BCT account of all winners should have been credited by the proper amount by now, according to the prize list documented in this post: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/57779-cag-big-4-prizes-fall-2017/&do=findComment&comment=731250 If you notice anything strange, or didn't receive an e-mail notice from BCT, please let me know.
  7. FFF 2018 - Contest Categories and Prizes

    Can't do it this year, due to a conflict with a planned celebration for my wife's birthday (yup, a round number), but I wish good luck to you all. You're in good hands with Frank as organizer extraordinaire.
  8. CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    And next, the special prizes. Congratulations to all winners!
  9. CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    Here is the list of winners in a nicer format, a certificate that you can print, frame and put on the wall... First, the Big4 winners.
  10. CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    By the way, I just figured out that Craig Welch wrote a great article on his session at Dale Hollow where he landed most of the fish that made up his impressive score. A truly excellent read.
  11. I'll issue a better formatted post later on, but here is a snapshot of the leaderboard, sorted by Big4 combined weight. Click on the image to see a larger version. Well, it seems that I won a few prizes! As to the big mirror, it was won by Craig Welch with a beautiful 30-9lb fully scaled. Congratulations to all participants!
  12. Epic Vacation Session!

    Hm, sorry about that. Will make sure this is fixed. Please send me an e-mail at <jmoisand@gmail.com> and I'll give you a direct contact.
  13. CAG Big 4 Rules - Fall 2017

    LAST REMINDER!! Time to make good use of the leaderboard (click here)...
  14. Epic Vacation Session!

    Young fellow, it seems to me that you should write an article for a carp magazine... Not only did you catch amazing fish, but you also write well... If interested, send an e-mail to naca@carpanglersgroup.com...
  15. BIG 4 Fall 2017 - Bragging Thread

    Six more days to go... One last week-end... Good luck to all participants. Please log your biggies on the Leaderboard ASAP.