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  1. Just watched in real time my big-4 lead crumble as Kody showed me how it’s done... Me? I kept myself busy catching catfish... πŸ˜‰
  2. Ah! I wish! The stories I tell are about the times when the stars lined up. I stay more discreet on my numerous failures! Like we all do! LOL
  3. I just realized that in just one day, I did better at the Big4 that I ever did in the past. My best showing was 134lb, which secured me the fall 2017 win. And I already have 136-8lb. I just pinched myself and I seem to be awake... Now of course, the Claytons will leave me in the dust, oh well.
  4. I had the most amazing day... Four thirties (up to 38lb)... Three 28lb... Several more mid-20s and a few smaller fish... All thanks to Stelian Bogdan who kindly invited me to an incredible river spot where fish are (nearly!) as thick as they are long... Here is the 38lb.
  5. PS. is this Kody's first 40? (I mean, not counting his 52lb legendary catch)
  6. I had a heck of a day myself and yet, my results pale in comparison... You guys are just on another planet!
  7. Fantastic! What an incredible fish! Very happy for you, Zach. PS. a few years ago, I was the official US record holder for kois with a 24lb pounder. You totally destroyed this record! This being said, going through this process (while doing catch & release) is a royal pain and requires a friendly biologist, no doubt others folks caught a bigger one than mine and didn't report it. Like you just did!
  8. I still have my CCC section win trophy from... oh god... 15 years ago or so? I got lucky at the peg draw, an end swim at the Des Plaines river definitely helped! Good luck to everybody, and many thanks to Chad for organizing the event this year. A seed planted a while ago did work! πŸ˜‰
  9. I don't drink cheap beer... only expensive wine... πŸ˜‰ Will give you tips by PM. For free.
  10. Here is another VERY unusual catch from yesterday... I was exploring a new lake, found a nice spot, I was doing some plumbing with my regular carp rig (3oz inline lead, size 6 hook), I didn't have anything on the hook, I reeled in and I felt a fish... HUH? Turned out to be a small pickerel! It probably went after the lead and somehow found the hook! Now that is a first for me!
  11. Even the fish looks proud of himself! Terrific!! PS. Darn it! You just kicked me out of the top-10... Intolerable!
  12. Ah, June 29th & 30th... I am actually going to Syracuse to help with their kids event (same week-end): https://www.facebook.com/events/1063185713882344/ I wish you luck, you're doing a good thing here. You may want to communicate on Facebook about this, on the CAG page.
  13. Hey Sam, I don't think I'll be able to make it due to other constraints, but very good of you to do so. Just to better understand (and maybe plan for next year), would you mind explaining a bit more what the event is made of? And what you expect the helpers to do?
  14. A brace of 30s? Very cool!
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