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  1. Same seems to apply to the NY area where I now reside.
  2. For the rest of the year? Ah! When I am on a fishing trip, I often use a bag per WEEK!
  3. Thanks a lot for the update. Fingers crossed indeed. Chemo is so hard...
  4. Hey! Last time I caught the big mirror, it was 44lb, not 40lb... 😉
  5. That's cool! I definitely need to go to CO one day, if only to meet Amy! 2021, I think!
  6. Young Ryan and his mom were STOKED when I sent them a link to the online magazine today (cf. pic on page 23)... Cool.
  7. Thank you, mister President...
  8. The perfect choice! Congratulations to a well deserving champion of the queen!
  9. The proposal described in the first post for the fall event seems an excellent compromise to me, much better balanced than the ill-formed change from last year. And yes, why not extend the event till the end of November (fishing remains excellent throughout November in most Northern states, and yes, fish will get fatter in the South by then, this sounds fine and fair). No more than 2 months though, otherwise we'd lose focus. About separate events in the spring between north and south, this made me cringe a bit to start with, a nation-wide event really should occur at the same time for everybody, but it is certainly true that the regional conditions are very different by then, and yes, this would basically end up with 3 distinct events. Why not give it a try and see what goes. It's good to experiment a bit, as long as feedback is sought for, and the changes are well communicated ahead of time.
  10. Experienced carp anglers (CAG members, that's you!) are sorely needed to help the ~100 kids who will participate to this venerable tournament. If you have any question on what this entails, please send me a PM, I've been doing it for a while now... Long hours for sure, but seeing most of those youngsters catch a nice fish will reward you 100 times.
  11. I wish you (and CAG) good luck. Big task ahead.
  12. More details will be shared, but let's just say it was a resounding success. Around 100 attendees, several tens of new CAG members (I still have to do the exact math), and a lot of positive energy.
  13. Thanks a lot for volunteering, Edwin. Don't hesitate to reach out for help (been NACA editor for nearly 3 years a while ago) and for content.
  14. And here is the press release. Jo Ann Roberts Champion of the Queen Award.docx
  15. This was announced as part of the CAG Plenary Meeting minutes, but we now have a nice picture and a write-up about our 2016 Champion of the Queen, namely Jo Ann Roberts, and her extraordinary decade of work with young carp anglers at the St Lawrence Junior Tournament. Oh, and the first woman to win our most prestigious CAG award. Here she is with president Bob Giordano.
  16. Thank you for your candor, Larry. Let's try to focus on the positive, shall we? Any plan for the Discovery month?
  17. Many thanks for your dedication, Dean. Acting as editor is indeed a very demanding task, and you spent a huge amount of work on this, much appreciated. Just to clarify something for the readers: Dean is staying with the BoD, he's stepping out of the NACA editor position, no more.
  18. One more thought. When I started seriously carp fishing, it wasn't hard to find a 9 feet rod, and I really liked those, as a good compromise allowing you to do pretty much everything. Nowadays, we can't even find an 11 footer, and we have to go to 12 or 13 feet, which is ok by me (I got used to it), but really clumsy and heavy for newbies and younger anglers. I also like to have a couple of shorter rods for cramped environments, in the woods, etc. I still have an old TICA rod I bought in Texas a decade ago (I had two, broke one), and I love it. What I am saying is that there might be a niche market for shorter rods. Not too sure prospective customers would be willing to pay the price for a custom rod though.
  19. This is a very cool idea, love it. I'd be happy to contribute.
  20. I made a similar mistake once. Hey, Willem, couldn't we disable this public feed thing? I find it remarkably useless and confusing. Not very important though.
  21. Rest assured that you were not fired! I don't know. Sorry about that. Please contact Willem (IT superman) and Tony (state chair director) to sort it out...
  22. This list should be the answer to your question... http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/staff/ Except that most state chairs didn't customize their title to clearly show which state they are in charge of! Hmpf!
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