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  1. CarperN@

    Franklin laws

    Sad news. Loss of a good guy, Franklin Laws. Good picture of Franklin at Washington DC.
  2. CarperN@

    An Amazing Summer of Fishing Lake MI.

    great looking fish, now I want to move to Michigan, maybe just for the summer
  3. CarperN@

    Hello everyone

    Welcome aboard
  4. CarperN@

    Rods & Reels For Sale

    sent a pm on rod purchase.
  5. CarperN@

    Rods & Reels For Sale

    PM sent on purchase of both Fox rods.
  6. CarperN@

    New PB 30+

    Congrats , fish look larger the boy. Always more fun to fish with kits along.
  7. CarperN@

    New PB 30+

    Congrats , fish look larger the boy. Always more fun to fish with kits along.
  8. CarperN@

    New CAG Secretary

    Welcome, hope to meet you someday.
  9. With CC no pay pal, purchases over last 1 and a half years BCT Wacker Resistance Fox-UK Amazon A few motels and purchases local for tires, stuff at Home Depot and Lowes
  10. CarperN@

    Lots of credit card fraud recently

    Today my card company called, unusual activity on my account, more fraud, card cancelled. activity was in the UK. In Jan. 2013 I made a purchase in the UK, a repair part for a rod pod.
  11. Thanks for the info. Today ordered a replacement part for my Horizon pod. Phone call of about 5 minutes.
  12. CarperN@

    Wtb Fox Matrix Rod

    Looking for a 12ft Fox "The Matrix" rod in 2.75 or 3.00. Will consider a pair.
  13. CarperN@

    Wtb Cabelas Predator 12' 2 1/4Lb

    cabeblas sold a "predator" in 11 ft 2 1/4 lb. no longer availabe from my local cabeblas, I own one, preforms will with 2oz. lead and pack. Mine is now 9 seasons old.
  14. CarperN@

    Pb Mirror's

    Congrats for the catch.
  15. Congrats to all you happy carpers. So, when is the next Holland Classic?