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  1. Franklin laws

    Sad news. Loss of a good guy, Franklin Laws. Good picture of Franklin at Washington DC.
  2. An Amazing Summer of Fishing Lake MI.

    great looking fish, now I want to move to Michigan, maybe just for the summer
  3. Hello everyone

    Welcome aboard
  4. Rods & Reels For Sale

    sent a pm on rod purchase.
  5. Rods & Reels For Sale

    PM sent on purchase of both Fox rods.
  6. New PB 30+

    Congrats , fish look larger the boy. Always more fun to fish with kits along.
  7. New PB 30+

    Congrats , fish look larger the boy. Always more fun to fish with kits along.
  8. New CAG Secretary

    Welcome, hope to meet you someday.
  9. With CC no pay pal, purchases over last 1 and a half years BCT Wacker Resistance Fox-UK Amazon A few motels and purchases local for tires, stuff at Home Depot and Lowes
  10. Lots of credit card fraud recently

    Today my card company called, unusual activity on my account, more fraud, card cancelled. activity was in the UK. In Jan. 2013 I made a purchase in the UK, a repair part for a rod pod.
  11. Thanks for the info. Today ordered a replacement part for my Horizon pod. Phone call of about 5 minutes.
  12. Wtb Fox Matrix Rod

    Looking for a 12ft Fox "The Matrix" rod in 2.75 or 3.00. Will consider a pair.
  13. Wtb Cabelas Predator 12' 2 1/4Lb

    cabeblas sold a "predator" in 11 ft 2 1/4 lb. no longer availabe from my local cabeblas, I own one, preforms will with 2oz. lead and pack. Mine is now 9 seasons old.
  14. Pb Mirror's

    Congrats for the catch.
  15. Congrats to all you happy carpers. So, when is the next Holland Classic?