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  1. saskcarp

    9.25 Walleye

    Just caught this one a couple of weeks ago.
  2. saskcarp

    9.25 Walleye

    I meant vitreum (zander) not virtual
  3. saskcarp

    Where to buy pop ups?

    Thanks, no I didn't. They have a good selection.
  4. saskcarp

    9.25 Walleye

    They're both related stitzostedion species. Very similar but sander are more silver greyish and walleye are anywhere from a golden brown to green. Walleye as an average are quite a bit smaller than virtual. We also have a fish called a sauger. They're smaller than walleye but look almost identical. No it isn't. I still get mad about it today lol
  5. saskcarp

    Where to buy pop ups?

    Where r u guys buying pop ups these days? I need pineapple high buoyant air ball type pop ups. I tried canadian carp club but they're all out.
  6. saskcarp

    9.25 Walleye

    No it isn't. I still get mad about it today lol
  7. saskcarp

    Fishin Canada Carp Episode

    Which hotel was that?
  8. Congrats!
  9. saskcarp

    New Record Rainbow

  10. saskcarp

    why did the maze turn the bucket black -

    boil corn put into pail right after the cooking is done so that it is still scorching hot *very carefully* then put lids on. don't open till you're ready to use it. should stay good. use clean pails too, maybe sterilize with hot water first to ensure no bacteria and left over substance
  11. http://www.abc2news.com/news/local/story/F...DFBexjM8iA.cspx
  12. saskcarp

    Pike fishing while carp fishing

    This guy likes to fish for ALL the species in the imediate area Now how can I convince the DNR to allow me 9 rods all at once?????
  13. saskcarp

    Want to see a Fifty?

    crawler dipped in fishy glug would be my choice. Chop some crawlers up and bait it mixed with bread.
  14. saskcarp

    too MANY pike!

    Nice one, I love pike hunting.
  15. Cool, well done. Did you need a 300yrd cast to get to it?