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  1. mr_fitzz

    Belleville Dam

    Biggest I've had was 19lb but that was by sandys
  2. Well I best go to represent the good looking carpers
  3. mr_fitzz

    New MI member

    Hey welcome
  4. Had a great time and it was nice to see some new and old faces again Big shout out for the curry, As always it was great. http://flic.kr/p/kASXCS
  5. Nikki is making a cheese ball
  6. mr_fitzz

    The Black Widow, part two

    Very nice my friend
  7. mr_fitzz

    RIP Richard Somerville

    Sad news rip
  8. mr_fitzz

    tn trip

  9. mr_fitzz

    tn trip

  10. What time you kicking everyone out? I'm running dead hookers through the wood chipper all morning and most of the afternoon.
  11. Saline? Don't gets wrong they have a few big fish but it's 99% small stuff
  12. mr_fitzz

    online again!

  13. mr_fitzz

    online again!

    Dang I thought you were Dead mate, never see you on here anymore