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  1. carpist

    NACA - 25th Anniversary Edition

    No magazine yet in Chicopee ma
  2. carpist

    Champion of the Queen Award - Barry Howard

    Thanks for all your hard work, Barry.
  3. carpist

    Final Peg locations

    Just wondering if we have less than 36 anglers would you consider pulling some of the marginal pegs from the draw ?
  4. carpist

    2018 tentative peg locations

    I agree. Peg one will be a mud flat. Unless you can cast 150 yards. we will also only have outgoing tide according to the charts
  5. carpist

    Memorable Pictures Of 2012

    I like the picture with ONLY ONE ROD !!!! You guys are getting porked !! Unless Mr. Snide fishes with you.
  6. carpist

    Niagara Fishing

    Gentlemen, My wife and I will be in the Niagara Falls area in August and would like to wet a line now and then with a chance for a carp. We cannot climb down to the whirlpool. Any other places to fish on level ground ? The state parks above the falls? Any help would appreciated. Thank you. Carpist in MA
  7. carpist

    Where To Fish Near Glenns Falls Ny State For Carp

    Tomhannock res if you want whales and Sacandaga for millions. Hudson river for 10-30 pounders. ( does anyone fish for those anymore ? )
  8. When will the fishing start? The WCC web page is muy difficult to navigate for info. Any links to a leaderboard? Am I missing something ( besides the meaning of life?)
  9. carpist

    SHE SAID YES!!!!!!

    Now to teach her how to roll boilies, yes? Congratulations, Rick.
  10. carpist

    New World Record Carp

    Hopefully this one will not croak like the world record from Rainbow.
  11. carpist

    How big is this carp?

    English weighing. 17 pounds and 5 ounces.
  12. carpist

    How big is this carp?

    seventeen and five
  13. carpist

    New PB and a great session

    I just back from the venue and Joel is still there!!!
  14. That's the 46 pounder, yes?? Is that the biggest by a CAG member this season?? Nice catch! Keep piling the bait in. I'll get back down there in September when that carps' mother is around. take care.
  15. carpist

    Want to see a Fifty?

    Spend a week there 24/7 and I bet you catch at least one!! These are the carp that we dream about and only Scott can catch.