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  1. NGT Big Pit reels

    I have 2 NGT Big pit reels each with two extra spools. Never used. $120 shipped.
  2. Team mate

    Maybe next year MOCarper
  3. Team mate

    I guess I will be staying home. Best of luck yo all of you that will be competing.
  4. Team mate

    No problem
  5. Team mate

    We will split hotel and entry fee right down the middle
  6. Team mate

    Boilies, maize and method mix ready to go
  7. Team mate

    Looking forward to your answer
  8. Team mate

    Looking for a team mate, last one fell through. Hotel already reserved.
  9. Hotel

  10. Dates!

  11. Preliminary Headcount

    Still looking for a partner
  12. Preliminary Headcount

    Planning on it
  13. Dates!

    I might need a partner for the event, anyone interested please p.m. me
  14. ATC 2015 Registered Teams

    we will be there, everything fell into place.
  15. ATC 2015 Registered Teams

    Turns out we will not be able to make it, if anyone would like to buy me out you can PM me.