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  1. NGT Big Pit reels

    I have 2 NGT Big pit reels each with two extra spools. Never used. $120 shipped.
  2. ATC 2015 Registered Teams

    we will be there, everything fell into place.
  3. ATC 2015 Registered Teams

    Turns out we will not be able to make it, if anyone would like to buy me out you can PM me.
  4. Banquet Meals (please read)x

    Turkey/ham 1 sub 1 lettuce wrap (gluten free) mix it up. Shiner chicken Grilled Catfish (gluten free) already called ahead and made arrangements. Eddie
  5. Pegs

    What pegs are going to be used this year??????????? Eddie
  6. ATC 2015 Info

    Looks like we will be trying our luck this year, will register tomorrow.
  7. Lake Travis, Emma Long & LBJ

    let me know.
  8. Lake Travis, Emma Long & LBJ

    Taking a trip in March 18th - 22nd, we will be staying next to the lake Travis. I will also be hitting Emma and LBJ. Anyone interested in joining me on the banks? PM me if interested. Eddie
  9. Cork Dust

  10. Cork Dust

    I am looking for some cork dust, thanks. Eddie
  11. Overstock Flavor Sale

    I have up for sale some OVERSTOCK Flavors. 16oz Butterscotch 30oz Strawberry 13oz Anise 21oz Opal 17oz Mulberry 18oz Tutti Flores 28oz Tutti Frutti A total of 134oz of flavors for $107.25 plus shipping. PM me or give me a call (915) 309-1728 Eddie
  12. I spoke to Rick yesterday and gave him the following idea. Have a Google map of all of the swims with the closest restaurants and fast food places to get something to eat or even better ask certain places to see if they will deliver to the swims. Maybe see if some one is willing to cater the event and deliver to the swims. Eddie
  13. Hi Anna, how are you? Would you still have any of the Top Mix stuff where you work? I think that I got some Tiger Nut MM from you. I am looking for some Tiger Nut flavoring and pellets.



  14. Wtb Bait Boat

    you can always make your own look at page 70. My link Eddie
  15. Hook Lot For Sale

    SOLD Thanks Eddie