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  1. Do you still have the Century's for sale?

  2. Century sp's

    These are still available if any one is serious I will put up pics
  3. 3 carp books

    Bump would like to get these sold
  4. 3 carp books

    still have 2 left
  5. Century sp's

    I will put some pics up soon.
  6. 2015 So Far!

    Some great fish there keep it up.
  7. Ahh Carp Pull

    With that model pod you should angle the front legs more forward when its horizontal when angling it up is when you put legs back.
  8. Daiwa Windcast Z5000 Reel - $125 shipped

    PM senticle
  9. Century sp's

    I will miss these rods but I need space and don't want to get into buying more reels at the moment LOL
  10. Century sp's

    I just got some C2's and if I want one at extreme range I have an FMJ, and I use Saxons a lot cannot fault them in general.
  11. Cygent pod

    I've had a cygnet sniper for years changed legs for fox storm poles so they got that camlock , most versatile one for the money.
  12. Century sp's

    For sale 2 Century SP's 3lb tc stepped up version good condition $650 shipped pp gift only Free mirror karma
  13. What do you do with old rice packbait?

    You can allways freeze unused pack/method as balls and use as chum.
  14. 3 carp books

  15. 3 carp books

    Will send this week keith thankyou.