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  1. dave1432

    delete act please

    would the admins please delete my account when you get the chance, ty
  2. dave1432

    more mirrors

    today was very enjoyable. fall colors have the lake looking amazing, feels great to be outside. fish were cooperating as well.
  3. dave1432

    New mirror PB

  4. dave1432

    more mirrors

    Thanks, I actually used to be a member and won first place in the junior division of the big 4 in 2009. Here are pictures of some more recent captures
  5. dave1432

    more mirrors

    thanks guys got this one this morning
  6. dave1432

    more mirrors

    Got to love fishing under a full moon. Looking forward to fall when the big ones are on the prowl. Next batch I make I'm going to try using a 30 mm bait out there with the 14's i've been using
  7. dave1432

    Lake Erie Area Michigan Carp

    Nice good job brother
  8. dave1432

    summer 2016 off to a good start

    Passed by it many times, never been there. One of the many things "bill-town" is famed for. City sure does have heart!
  9. dave1432

    summer 2016 off to a good start

    Can't forget the elusive 2-toned mirror carp
  10. dave1432

    summer 2016 off to a good start

    And it continues! My buddy showed me a great lake for mirrors. Got more places we been looking at as well, more to come for sure
  11. dave1432

    summer 2016 off to a good start

    thought this was the susquehanna not the Mississippi?