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    I think the news letter is terrific. Like the format and it is informative. WAY TO GO!!
  1. What a fantastic Professional job on the issue of NACA 2017. The magazine alone is worth CAG membership.
  2. First thing is you definitely need the 12 foot rods for the river and be able to make longer casts. As for the floating weeds we have the same problem here in the Raritan. We try to fish the last two hours and the first two hours of the next tide before the current gets too strong.
  3. Received mine today in Brooklyn N.Y. A real professional job- well done!
  4. Austin, Brendan, Alex and Carl-What a great fishing team that made a terrific video. Congrats to both. Hope they do it again
  5. Past week or so did some searching for some new venues. After finding a few decided to fish an old favorite. In two days wound up with 21 carp to about 25 pounds. next I ran into double trouble. Then I got two surpriseses All in all a great day with an old friend
  6. Got it ! Thank you!
  7. Can't get any new content and I am logged in
  8. Some of these videos should be sent to the various dec's and dep's of all states and let them see what they are missing.
  9. Just received my order with the t shirt and the hooded sweat shirt. They are really sharp! Great job Barry
  10. T-shirts and hooded sweatshirt look awesome. Order is placed
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