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  1. goatsdime

    ISO big pits

  2. goatsdime

    Another Bait Lot for Sale!

    Ok sent
  3. goatsdime

    GroundBait Lot for sale

    What's left
  4. goatsdime

    9ft carp rod

    thanks for info I'll have to check it out
  5. goatsdime

    9ft carp rod

    I'm looking for some 9fters I have two bfs but I guess he quit selling them I would like to have three 9fters any one have suggestions on what to buy or maybe someone is selling something let me know thanks
  6. goatsdime

    Reeling in a carp?

    I see well wtg either way that's a accomplishment either my last seven trips blanked
  7. goatsdime

    Reeling in a carp?

    I tell you 9 carp in winter in one day I should be asking u how wtg
  8. goatsdime

    9' Rods

    Believe it or not I use 9 ft bus extreme distance rods for my small river fishing and have no problem throwing a decent pack over 70 yards and I've caught my biggest to date on them at 37.4 pounds so I'm sure the rods u r looking at will do u great
  9. goatsdime

    Another blank session at Lake Fork

    Maybe hair to short not letting the hook turn good enough for a proper hook set as the fish bolts whether running rig or bolt rig the fish will hook itself try a pop up piece of corn on a boilie jmo but to me it sounds as if it's not getting hooked good the run is the fish with the bait in its mouth and it drops it also do a palm test with both the baits u have on see if it turns in ur hand if it don't I would Def try tying ur own up to get the length of hair u need for the bait ur using
  10. goatsdime

    Any one?

    So I've been fishing a small piece of the haw river here in nc not very big and my 9 footers are really a perfect size only problem is I would like to have a set of three so does anyone know or have one they would like to sell I'm using 9 foot extreme distance bfs rods I know crazy huh I just love how they play a fish and casting in great imo any help he don't sell them no more and I know the handles if anyone has one will be messed up that cork stuff ain't so great but any help would be great again 9 ft extreme distance
  11. goatsdime

    Another 30+

    Thanks guys it has been a great year I hope to catch a few more before fall is up
  12. goatsdime

    Another 30+

    Thanks guys
  13. goatsdime

    Another 30+

    Thanks skeet
  14. goatsdime

    Another 30+

    Thanks rebel
  15. goatsdime

    Another 30+

    Well at this spot I've exceeded my goals on a number of accounts before this year I hadn't caught one over 20 so this was my goal and I did so I beat it 6 times in two weeks 20 23 23 25 and my biggest at 37.4 then it all stopped and turtles moved in all sumer no bites here now fall is here and I just caught another 30 lb fish coming in at 36.2 I was Syked I broke my pb this year on several accounts and I caught many fish in general great year so far hope this spot produces more but if not I'm very pleased photo work by my good buddy rick whiddon great guy for sure