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  1. More korda Tackle

    I am getting off of here I will check back in a bit.I really need to get that package to mark he paid for the stuff. So please let me know what I need to do to get it to him as soon as possible.
  2. More korda Tackle

    Your order and brandon's order was in the same kind of reel box so did you get a package today I must have put the wrong label on the wrong box. I am tring to see if he will take it to post office and I will pay to ship it to you so you will get it faster than if he sends it to me then I send it to you.
  3. More korda Tackle

    I should note that some orders have more than one package.
  4. More korda Tackle

    I would too I will find out whats going on. Man I have no use for spare spools to reels that I dont have I wouldnt do you like that I have explained to you in a pm that I was dealing with a Funeral so that was messed up you blasting me like that about those spools when I done told you what was going on. So are you willing to do that or not or are you wanting to hold them for ransom for your spare spools.
  5. More korda Tackle

    If you do not want to do that you can send it to me I am just trying to get his package to him as soon as possible.
  6. More korda Tackle

    I see what happened to mark's order I had two orders in reel boxes and since I had to send spools to brandon I sent him Marks order. I am sorry about the mix up. If Brandon will be kind enough to take the package to the post office and find out how much it will be to ship it to mark I will put the money in Brandons Pay Pal account. Thank you for your Honesty.
  7. More korda Tackle

    It was sent yesterday man you can ask any one of the guys that has bought anything from me. I do not lie. I am not a thief further more I dont need money bad enough to rip someone off. I gave everyone extra stuff in there orders like I always do. Ask Diggs Bailybird Goatsdime any one who has ordered from me before knows me. all orders are expected to be delivered by Tomorrow.
  8. More korda Tackle

    Every thing is sent out I have none of the Tackle or Items. As said in post before if you want your money back I will give it back when I get my stuff back. I am logging off of here you can delete my account if you want or I will wait until all orders are received.
  9. More korda Tackle

    If anyone needs to get a hold of me find me on Face Book. Davy Harris from Big Stone Gap VA
  10. More korda Tackle

    I gave everyone a hell of a deal on everything. The sad part is I could have been dead and the only thing anyone was worried about was there money or items. That is cool I am done with the whole thing. I offically give up the Title of Chairman of Va and I want nothing more to do with any of this man I am done. I will turn in my letter to Bill. I have enough problems I dont need this drama.
  11. More korda Tackle

    I never pressured you into buying anything. You said you wanted it I waited two days before I got any payment or answer.I specifically told you if you did not want it let me know. There were others interested in the items you could have said you did not want the stuff. I could have sold them to the next person. pressured. lol
  12. More korda Tackle

    Stuff is sent out send it back to me when you get it. And I will send you your money back
  13. More korda Tackle

    Send me your email I have been real busy cant get on the site everyday I paid to have it shipped so send email I never ignored you I have not been on here in a week. what was it I owe you


    $43 for the rest of the lot shipped payment to davyharris902@yahoo.com The HookLink materials alone are worth that much.