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  1. I have no Ideal found it on the web. Just thought it would catch a laugh.
  2. Food Water extra socks and clothes. North American Carp Angler. Propane Stove, Cooler with Ice. And a lot more Bait options. If you are going to be using Pack Bait I would bring all the Ingredients and mix them on site as needed. A cell phone for sure with car charger. Water proof Boots or Chest waders. I leave my Radio at home and listen to the one in my Truck from time to time. Extra batteries for your Alarms. Back ups if you have them. Plenty of Fishing Line and Hooks. And even a spare Rod.
  3. I spent $450 on Boilies last season Baited every other day left the 3 swims free of a Rig for a month. I fished them with no results. I used Boilies from 10ml to 15ml I caught two Fish. I am not a Rig expert but I know my Rigs were very capable of hooking a Fish. I never got as much as a line twitch. I cut them down into Dumbell shapes I used chops. I used chops in PVA Mesh I even ground some up with a cheese grater into powder and used it in PVA Mesh along with the chops. I used every method I could think of. If a Fish has a abundant natural food source that it has been eating since day one you are going to have to put in work to get them to accept something new. But eventually some results are going to have to start showing. The only thing I can think of is there is a large number of Cat Fish in this Body of water and I did catch a load of them on the Boilies. Maybe they were eating the Boilies before the Carp could move in on them. I don't know I also think that the start of spring will be the best time to catch on Boilies at this place before all the natural food items start to appear in large numbers. I am going to continue Fishing with Boilies I have a few that I think will do the trick??? Only time will tell. I do like the challenge though and I know how rewarding it will be to finally get these fish going on Boilies. I know they are eating Bread because there are Ducks Geese and other water fowl that people feed on a daily basis so maybe a plain bread flavored Boilie will do the magic. I like to learn as I go it makes everything so much more enjoyable. That is why we all Fish right if it were easy it would not be half as fun. Thank you all for your information I have learned a couple things that I am going to incorporate into my Fishing this season.
  4. You deserve it little buddy great job. Did you run out of your shoes trying to get to the Rod? Or are those your lucky socks
  5. It is Snowing here and around 38 degrees. I have been planning a Two day session for the past few weeks. I have not been out in a while and I am starting to go Carp CRAZY. I have sat around and watched all of my Carp Fishing Dvd's. I have tied countless Rigs. I have done everything I can think of to keep my mind occupied. Needless to say I can not take it no longer. I can not wait to put up my Bivy and kick back in my chair and eagerly wait for my Delkim's to start singing the tune that every Carp Angler is addicted to. Come morning I will venture of with all of my luggage and gear, I am truly excited in such a way that I do not think I will be able to sleep. I have been in search of a Mirror since I first saw one landed by Danny from Korda. There are very few in the area I live and I will be located at one of these few places Tomorrow morning. So with a little luck and a lot of hot coco maybe the day I have been waiting for, for all these years will be Tomorrow??????
  6. I was out looking for some new waters this week. I stumbled across these Ponds went for a walk around. They looked real Carpy I got excited I saw some huge dark spots submerged in the weed. Upon further investigation I realized they were Grass Carp. They were stocked into these Ponds to maintain the weed. I have never fished for Grass Carp these are huge. I was wondering if the same tactics we use to catch Common's or Mirrior's would work on Grass Carp. So any of you that have caught any would you please share some tips and tactics. Thank you.
  7. Just checked the State of Virginia does not stock Bear Creek Reservoir. Although the town of Wise does being that it is not National Forest, It is Town owned and Maintained you need a $10 stamp that you get from the Town of Wise. They do not have any updated information on the last time they stocked Trout. The only thing I could find was from back in 2010. I will call them tomorrow and find out the exact information needed.
  8. Yeah I know I have only Baited to the Fish in places I know they patrol. This place is less than 30mins from my house so I have the benefit of visiting there on a regular basis. I just wanted to share that I was trying Bait from our Vendors and was going to give updates. Some how it went from that to a new discussion. Some sort of misunderstanding from both sides I guess lol. No biggie
  9. There are a lot of nice Rods on BCT right now at a reduced price. The Fox Rods are nice
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