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  1. selling two sets of Shimano Big Baitrunners. One set comes with the boxes and papers. The other is just the reels. Set of three with boxes is $500 plus shipping and the set without boxes is $475 plus shipping. Act quick cause these are hard to find and usually when sold they are impossible to find again.
  2. why don't all the state chairs have the state listed where they are from

  3. you will get hosed buying by the pound. you will use it all anyway. Store it in 5 gallon buckets or rubbermaid totes. Tractor supply has all of those you mentioned in stock. I never leave that store without at least 6 50 pound bags of supplies. Its your best bet. Split it with a friend to save $$$. 25 pounds usually fits in a 5 gallon bucket
  4. Mark not sure if my first message went through but call me when you get a chance at 201 681 0330

  5. fish in for nj is this weekend on the Hackensack river. Message me for more info 

  6. I'm in as long as the weather permits. I'll keep you posted.
  7. It might be wise to give copies to our sopnsors to include in their orders to promote new members. Also a few to brick and mortar stores who specialize in carp tackle and or paylakes. Think the news letter has huge potential in getting new members and retaining the current ones.
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