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  1. 3 North Western Kevlite rods

    Haha, yes they are.
  2. Bags and hookbait pouches

    Thank you and better than expected. Top seller here folks!!
  3. nash cube ruckall

    Top seller guys, if he says it's like new...it's new!!
  4. Nash alarms for sale

    Top seller!!!
  5. Delkims w/ TXi and Receiver.

  6. Delkims w/ TXi and Receiver.

    Pm's are not working at all... Please touch base via the forum or text to the number listed above. Thanks.
  7. Delkims w/ TXi and Receiver.

    Text me 914 355 01 NINE FOUR.
  8. Delkims w/ TXi and Receiver.

    Svetislav, PM sent.
  9. I am still working on getting the 2nd Delkim  repaired, If you want just the Tx 2000's and receiver...$175.00 shipped.

  10. Delkims w/ TXi and Receiver.

    So I spent a bit of time checking out the broken blue Delkim and the problem is the wire from the battery. I was able to turn the unit on and it works both with and without the Tx 2000. It also gets picked up by the receiver via the red light as that is how its programmed. Going to see if I can get it re soldered by a repair shop.
  11. Delkims w/ TXi and Receiver.

    So I re tested everything. Rx 2000 works as it should. Tx 2000 units work as they should and are programmed to the receiver. Yellow Delkim works as it should. (i used this one to verify and program the receiver as its the one with no issues). Green Delkim sounds odd but works but doesn't work work through the receiver Blue Delkim is not working. Hope that helps??
  12. Delkims w/ TXi and Receiver.

    Mike, been away for work, let me check and I'll post up the results.
  13. Delkims w/ TXi and Receiver.

    No thanks.
  14. Delkims w/ TXi and Receiver.

    Willing to split the Tx 2000 x 3 and receiver as a set then the Delkims with hard cases as a set. Best offer!!
  15. Delkims w/ TXi and Receiver.

    PRICE DROP $225 INC S&H.