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  1. Interested in all the Banana, nut, tuti fruti, cream and pineapple .baits, liquids and flavors. (sorry not interested in the pepper or liver)What do you have and how much to S&h to 06903 Connecticut please?


    1. parksy


      Hi, Not sure why but i never got the pm. I only saw this when i clicked on your profile. I will get you a quote in the next few days as im in the middle of a huge grad school paper. Craig

  2. I'm experiencing a few bugs with the new forum. Please email me at craigbuddo@hotmail.com with a price for the book.

  3. I certainly think that those cover shots have generated a level of interest outside the USA amongst carp anglers who may have never previously read NACA because the previous cover shots did not appeal enough for them to read it. that is not a dig at previous editors, I think Mario and Santosh did a great job also and I was happy to contribute to previous magazines. As a purist for me the cover shot needs a carp on it, and one that will entice the reader to look further. I also think that this is a great opportunity for CAG members to 1. get some top quality material in the magazine to promote either themselves and/or the sport, and 2. attempt to capture a picture good enough to get on the cover. I don't think we need a big named European angler on the cover each edition, but I think Dean has done a great job in taking NACA to the next level, and this was one strategy that did it. Also do not forget this was a winter edition....when most of us are not actually out fishing which means content is harder to find. This is also the same with the Euro and UK magazines in winter as they too struggle for content and catch reports in the colder months.
  4. I don't know. You get two of the biggest names in carp fishing to do this for FREE and people whine. Lets go back to a 1 megapixel photo of a pod or a pack on the cover. By far the best edition from front to back. More of the same please Dean.....its about time NACA caught up with the times and looked like a proper and professional carp magazine.
  5. enjoy the import bill you will get in a months time, they dont tell you about that
  6. Still amazes me that people read one part of a story and are so narrow minded that it must be the truth. Darn , I just dropped an egg, do I sue the supermarket, company or the chicken?
  7. Phil and mark - don't embaress yourselves acting like you know what your talking about. Matt- Nash just paid for a feature on USA carping to go into carpworld, and have invested time and money bringing bait over so how exactly are they not interested?
  8. chub/greys stood behind their products for a reason, i had three nets break in as many months. yes they had excellent customer service by replacing it time again, but the product was rubbish so was no good to me when i needed it. its easy to make the brand a scapegoat when we dont really know what happened. its a bit like buying a car, driving it into a lamppost and wanting it replaced/repaired for free. if its a manufacturers issue fair enough, if its an angler error then its on you. clearly im not accusing anyone of making the error or of foul play as i was not there to witness what happened. im just saying that liability is an important factor. if you drop an egg and it breaks or it was broke on giants shelf that makes for two different issues. try the email and get back to me if you have any issues. i know kevin prides himself on customer service and quite often will deal with an issue himself, but he will also say go to vendor first.
  9. try the email, and let me know what they say
  10. Whats interesting is that initially it just broke, but now its was an accident!!! However, thats for you the vendor and Nash to discuss. As for your attack on me. 1. I'm an ambassador not a vendor so actually have no obligation to help with this. You contacted me initially about rods, i talked to you about them, and even checked with you off my own back how they were once you got them which you were. Already above and beyond my role. I don't actually have to do any of that!!! 2. I know that any issues Nash always say to contact the vendor, and if your not happy contact them via the email i provided. So to say i am not bothered in actually wrong as i replied to your message and pointed you were you need to go first. I followed the chain of command procedure and also have given you an additional contact email to try and help because you are dissatisfied. I understand your mad and i hope the email helps you get something sorted.
  11. If you used the rod several times landing fish without it breaking and then it broke just pulling out line on a loose clutch as you mentioned that to me is an angler issue not a manufacturing fault, as clearly the fault would have occurred under greater pressure of playing a fish earlier in its use. As i mentioned to you yesterday that was the first one i heard of breaking. Compared to other companies out there Nash have outstanding customer service. I'm sorry that you are unhappy with them, but a few weeks before this was your post to me on Facebook. "Yes! I they are awesome and not as stiff as I thought they would be. Im really impressed the load they can handle with casting big method balls. Nice. I got a few nice carp on them there other day. Also took them striper fishing there good multi purpose rods The rod holdall is really nice too I am thanks again for the pointing me in the right direction. if you are unhappy contact info@nashtackle.co.uk
  12. Another funny story here that I includes rob (from the Matt Hayes story). Rob is included in many of my uk angling stories because he's the biggest clutz ever. He was always falling in and having to hang his clothes in a tree to dry, and so spent most days fishing in his briefs, and in France not only did he fall down the 20 steps going from Bivvy to lake smashing ten solar lights on his way, but also had an issue with his reel breaking mid way through playing a fish....so hand lined it in using his teeth to hold the line....yes his teeth, the things we use to cut our mono. And he landed this fish which was over 40lb too lol. But robs best story was on a small farm lake in bringnorth England. The farmer was mental, and would come over on a quad bike to take your money and a breakfast sandwich order. He would then come back with completely the wrong sandwich every time lol. He had a little jack Russell dog that was very friendly called jack. Well one day rob was having a tough days fishing, missing bites and losing fish, this then got worse when he noticed a mouse in his bait box eating all his sweet corn. He got rid of the mouse turned around to re bait with his luncheon meat......which had now gone. We then see standing ten yards away the jack Russell with a whole tins worth of meat in his mouth, the piece of meat was almost the size of the dog and for ten minutes he chased the dog round the lake to get his meat back unsuccessfully. A very angry rob came back to his swim and as he went to rebait with sweet corn he found the mouse back in his bait box. Lol
  13. The deaf guy story was funny, It takes a lot to get dean rattled and this guy did it, initially by ignoring him and then shrugging his shoulders. I could see steam appearing from deans ears as his walked away stating the guy was rude for not even turning around to acknowledge him. When I discovered he was deaf I could barely walk the few yards to deans swim to tell him why there had been a lack of communication I was doubled up laughing. Brilliant, I have only seen dean yell once, that was it, and it literally fell on deaf ears.
  14. I have a real funny story that i did not witness but a friend did and its a corker, probably best told in person but ill try n make it funny in words. Mate of mine and his friend were fishing a lake one day and Matt Hayes (TV angling personality) was down filming for his show Total Fishing. My mates friend was catching a load of carp on the waggler and Matt and the crew wanted some footage for the show. So Matt explained that he would open by saying "Hi i'm Matt Hayes, welcome to total fishing and today i'm fishing with my friend Rob". The camera would then pan over to Rob and he would say "Hi, my names Rob and today im catching carp on the waggler". Easy or so he thought.... The camera went to Matt for the first take. "Hi im matt hayes, welcome to total fishing where today im fishing with my old mate Rob" "Hi my names RRRRRRR RROOOORRRRRRRROOBBBB" (What Rob had not told matt is that he gets a stutter when hes nervous) lol Matt Hayes "Not to worry Rob, just relax and lets try again" "Hi im matt hayes, welcome to total fishing where today im fishing with my old mate Rob" Hi my names RRRRRR RRROOO RRRRRRROOOBBBB" (does it again) After about five minutes of practice Rob thinks he has it down. Finally it goes to plan as Matt starts talking Rob has a bite. Time for a live action shot of him playing a carp. "Hi im matt hayes, welcome to total fishing where today im fishing with my old mate Rob" Hi my names Rob and today im catching carp on the waggler" The camera rolls and carefully Rob plays the fish to the net, just as the fish pop up to be landed you can hear" "FFFFFFF UUUUFFFFFFFUUUUUU$@#$$#@#$$KKKKKKK ITS A TENCH!!!!!!!!" (lol, by far my favorite fish story ever)
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