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Near perfect weather brought 72 anglers and several hundred spectators to the shore of the Rock River for the 6th. Year in a row of The Dixon Family Carp Derby.

High winds midday and lower water conditions forced some anglers to re-think their stratagem, but for the most part it was a pretty enjoyable weekend with music, fireworks , a boat parade and some BIG CARP. Of the 72 anglers 14 participated in the advanced, 8 in Boys, 7 Girls and 43 in the Adult Catagory.

BOYS DIVISION (Winners 1st though 5th)

Based on Boys 13 and under single Largest carp

6# 7 oz Sawyer MARCEAU of Dixon

5# 4 oz Austin JONES of Chadwick

4# 6 oz Benjamin HEISLER of Chadwick

2# 7 oz Maddox BUSKHOL of Dixon

0# 15 oz Zachary Clevenger of Dixon

GIRLS DIVISION (1st though 5th place)

Based on Girls 13 and under single Largest carp.

8# 14 oz Jenna HALE of Monroe Center

6# 5 oz Nevaeh PURCELL of East Moline

4# 2 oz Dani Jo GARZA of Sterling

3# 10 oz Hope GARZA of Sterling

No fifth place winner

ADULT DIVISION (1st through 20th place)

Based on Anglers largest Single Carp

12# 2 oz Mike KRESANEK of Dixon

11# 13 oz Cory BOHMANN Jr. of Marsailes

10# 4 oz August JONES of Chadwick

9# 2 oz Brendon GRIFFEN of Chicago

8# 15 oz Kirsten CZENK of Aurora

8# 14 oz Dean SAPPINGTON of East Moline

8# 9 oz Jacob VAN HEIDEN of Newark

7# 14 oz Beau SCHNEIDER of Cary

7# 9 oz Dragaslav ILIC of CountrySide

7# 7 oz Zeljco GAZDIC of Chicago

7# 2 oz Charlie THOMAS of Dixon

7# 2 oz Michael KRESANEK Jr. of Dixon

6# 15 oz Tom BUSH OH of Polo

6# 3 oz Charlie CHESNECK of Oregon

6# 1 oz Mario VALLETTA of Rochelle

5# 15 oz Terry RUNYON of Aurora

5# 0 oz Eddie Cobb of Chicago

5# 0 oz Michelle SAPPINGTON of E.Moline

4# 10 oz Debra HIGGINS of Dixon

4# 4 oz John ARNOLD of Dixon

ADVANCED DIVISION (1st, 2nd and 3rd place for anglers Largest 3 Carp)


Srdjan GAZIVODA of Elmwood Park

3 fish for 31# 10 oz


Dijan ILIC of CountrySide

3 fish for 25# 2 oz


Larry COGGINS of Dixon

3 fish for 23# 15 oz


Paul Scott of Carlinsville

3 fish for 22 # 14 oz

Dan Hale of Monroe Center

3 fish for 18# 13 oz

Graham Johnston of Byron

2 fish for 11# 10 oz

Dave MARCEAU of Dixon

3 fish for 10# 11 oz

Cory BOHMANN of Marsalis

1 fish for 9 # 7 oz

Loran MARCEAU of Forrest on

2 fish for 8# 15 oz

Jason CLEVENGER of Dixon

1 fish for 6# 7 oz

Larry Acala of Dixon

1 fish for 4# 1oz

(Drum roll Please...............)

And this years.....


(With the single Largest Common Carp of the event)


With a 13 # 12 oz Carp

Thanks again to all who attended and to the City of Dixon, Dixon Tourism, and Dixon Park District for allowing and helping with such a great event.

TO the Stewards and folks who helped with the event, Thanks to you all.....

Todd (TC), Roy, Nicole, Paul P., Jerry, Fred, Robert , Corey, Lina, Jim, Vicky, Deb, John and all who offered support in some way.

Special Thanks to the Following Additional Sponsors for Prizes:

The Bait Shanty

Carp Fishing Now

Wacker Bait and Tackle

Bunnie's Bait Shop

Rock River Outfitters

World Classic Baits

Cory Bohmann

Graham Johnston

Dan Hale

Eddie Cobb

Fred Rhodes

Thanks again to all of

you and all who have made it out the last six years. It has been an honor and a priveledge to see you every year and share the memories......

Hope to see you next year.......

Larry Kirchner

Carp Fishing Now

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Nice work, Larry! Good to see Mike K. pull out a winner at the bridge (I'm assuming he was at the bridge). Congratulations to the other winners, all participants, Larry and other organizers, sponsors, and volunteers. Well done! --Frank

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Looks like everyone had a good time and a good turnout. Congrats to the winners and thanks to the organiser.

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