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Preliminary Dates for the 2016 Dixon Carp Derby

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As of now there are alot of changes happening in the City of Dixon. A new Mayor, the push to create one City Marketing Tool from the many current Promotional organiziations.

If you attended the 2015 Dixon Carp Derby awards ceremony you are were made aware of the challenges for the 2016 year and the reality of the situation.

After speaking with the Park District Director we have set aside the dates of August 19-21, 2016 and August 26-28, 2016as the two possible weekends that the event will happen.

At this time the funding is still being discussed.....including the possibility of a having four 26 hour overnight events limited in size (12 to 16 teams/ind.) to raise awareness, to spur more local involvement and to raise funds for the 2016 Dixon Family Carp Derby. The Parks Department has made a special facility available to run these events.

I have been in touch with the Interim City Director and have been informed the City is Still behind the event and he is working to help push the event forward.....GOOD NEWS!!!


I will post updates as they become available and narrow in on the specific weekend the event will happen.


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That is great! Good way to make people aware of the fun of carp fishing. A fish-in with an open invitation for spectators a chance to land a carp might be worthwhile if the venue permits. Keep us posted!

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