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  1. Welcome to the forum @smittlyp83! How long is your season in Chicago? What flies do you use?
  2. Cannonball, sorry hear about your rod; that's too bad. Consider trying a carp fly. It won't come off like the corn. Enjoy building your new rod.
  3. Good for you Skeet!
  4. Congratulations to the young angler on his first Carp. 25-30 pounds? Not likely. He's young and just doesn't know the difference between a 10-12 pound Carp and a 25-30 pound Carp. A scale and a net or a scale and a sling really help tremendously with accurate weight. It is nice to see an excited young angler.
  5. I agree with Santiago; it depends on the fly you are tying. Part of that for me is how much weight I need on the hook and how I apply that weight. If I am using a bead then I choose a hook that accomodates that. If I am using dumbbell eyes then I choose a long shank hook. I tie a lot of Carp flies with dumbbell eyes. For the Carp Carrot and the Chocolate Cherry in sizes 6 and 8 I use Tiemco 5262. For sizes 8 and 10 I use Tiemco 3769. I also tie some of my Carp flies on Tiemco 2457. Carp over 20 pounds which have taken a ride in my sling were fooled by a San Juan Worm or a Wild Thing tied on a 2457 in size 10. Good luck with your tying and your fishing.
  6. Episode #3 of Lessons from the Carp Lodge has been posted on YouTube. Transitioning out of the close quarter, early season fishing for Carp seems to bring a problem for me every year. This episode shows the problem and the solutions. This episode demonstrates when to set the hook by showing a Carp clearly moving to eat a real bug and then moving to eat the fake. I personally really like this particular segment because you can clearly see the fish make a decided move to snatch up a meal and do exactly the same thing to pick up the Chocolate Cherry. No red arrows are needed at all. You will see a Mirror Carp decide that I am ugly. What can I say?... Casting and stripping are the techniques used to get the fly on the Carp's dinner plate in this episode. Enjoy. http://youtu.be/m77Qc_TOxrQ
  7. Episode #2 of Lessons from the Carp Lodge has been posted on YouTube. This episode has a list of all the Carp behaviors I have observed through the years. That is followed by a list of all the presentation techniques I have used to get these wily buggers to take my fly. Episode #2 shows some careless casting and it shows some good casting. If you look carefully I think you will see a Carp fart on my fly as he swims by it with complete disgust. I had the Carp behavior list and the presentation techniques list prepared a few years ago for a series of print articles I was writing. It is interesting to me that I added two presentation techniques to my list for this video. As JM pointed out in his comment in one of my blog posts, we keep learning, and that's a good thing. When I drafted the print articles I had only tried one kind of swinging of the fly. In 2010 I tried a familiar but completely different swinging technique and got fish. I also added indicator fishing to my techniques list. I point out in the narration that I have not actually caught a Carp using an indicator but that as a result of the exchanges on my blog, and input from Gregg and McTage I will be trying it in 2012. My wife has been good about supporting me in this endeavor. She patiently answers my questions when I ask her thoughts on what makes more sense or how I might present something. She does not fish at all by the way. She must still love me because she still puts up with my nonsense after 34 years. She asked me who I thought the "typical viewers" of my videos are. I had to say I really didn't know. She asked if they were people who already were good at fishing for Carp, people who had some experience, or people who hoped to try it for the first time. Again, I had to answer I really don't know. She asked what if a beginner doesn't know what a tailing fish is. She said that if she had not heard me talk about it she would not know. She said that in the videos she has trouble seeing the fish in the water. I told her so do I, even when I'm standing right there making the casts I have trouble seeing the fish sometimes. That is a good part of why there are titles and arrows showing the fish and the fly in the water. It is hard to know where a good line is between the time spent narrating and presenting information, versus showing fish taking the fly along with playing them. It is difficult to know what a viewer already knows or who a "typical viewer" is. I am in hopes that this series will be useful for both beginners and experienced Carp fly fishermen. I am in hopes that even someone who is extremely good at it will at least find things a bit entertaining during the winter months. I set out to make this series helpful; not just a bunch of clips of me playing fish. That said, there is a good deal of narration and explanation in this episode. Okay, I imagine there are a couple takes in there too. Enjoy.
  8. Great looking flies Gregg.
  9. John! Me, an sob? How could you?! Hmmm... I think it is good that in episode 2 I mention your name, quote you, and relay one of our fishing experiences. One when the fish weren't being nice to us. Thanks Shad, Carphead, and GhostCarp. Mickey, get that rod out; you can do it!
  10. Hi MG, I'm only invisible when the bathrooms need cleaning and the vacuuming needs to be done. When I'm fishing I'm not so invisible. It took some experimenting to realize how close I could get to Carp SOME of the time. I have other video of me getting very close to Carp. I also have lots of video of me startling Carp. Some of the time I can move into position like you see in that clip. Other times I stand completely still when there are fish around and they will swim very near me. The Carp Lodge is in Desert Aire.
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