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  1. Sorry, didn't know about this, haven't been on here for a while. Got mine before Xmas, date ??? AR71901 Nice job!
  2. Very nice job, looking forward to the next, I just love B+W pix.
  3. Hey C C, sure I remember you at Clearlake, Felicia is fine thanks. Been living in Arkieland 4.5 years, if you're ever this way come see us. Did you know most of carp in Clearlake died? According to Ed carp fishing is a waste of time. We miss fishing & camping at Clearlake, although Arkansas has a lot of good fishing if you know where to look. I mostly fish for grassies now, average 25-4...

  4. Pleased to get your message, glad to know you're doing it right to enhance your chances to get a big'n, it's the sure way to fish anywhere and anytime regardless of access. Don't forget you'll eventually need some extra gear to fish right outa the boat ie 7ft rods robust landing net rod holders, get some contour maps and a GPS, invaluable!

    Let us know how you're...

  5. happy B/day you old fart, 71 eh? I was 70 Nov 4 I suppose that make me an old fart too.

    Hope you had a good one mate. Luv Tel & Fel

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