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  1. Thanks for posting another winner Bill.
  2. Another winner! Thanks Bill.
  3. Another great carp fly fishing video. Thanks Bill.
  4. Another great carp fly fishing video! Keep em comin.
  5. I couldn't get that video to work but I found it on youtube and it loads fine for me there. Nice video, thanks for sharing Bill.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr31GaACqw8
  6. Lots of good stuff there, thanks Bill.
  7. Good stuff!! Keep on catchin.
  8. I was wondering about that myself. Any of these fish grippers appear to be harmful to delicate mouthed fish such as carp. I'm not saying they would cause the carp to die but they're certainly not doing them any good. JMHO
  9. No question about it, it's a channel catfish.........carphead/CatfishEd
  10. That's wild, great, action packed video. A few years ago I would have wanted to do that but now with my old age I prefer them weighing around 5 to 10 pounds. Much bigger than that would wear me out way before they were ready for the net.
  11. My problem is I have never seen carp tailing or feeding anyway except bread on the surface. I'm 71 years old and have been fishing for many species, including carp, since I was 14 years old. I live in Northern California on Clear Lake but lived many years in the San Francisco Bay Area. I know I could catch them with a bread fly after feeding the ducks but they're making it illegal to feed ducks just about everywhere in N. Ca. now. I guess I could do a bit of illegal chumming and then fish blind over the area but I've heard this is a rough road to take. My fly fishing skills are not great but I used to be able to get a shad fly out to 80 feet or so with a 30 foot shooting head and 20 lb mono for shooting line. I can only guess the weight rods and line we used in those days as they used a letter system to rate them. I'm going to guess I was using a 9 or 10 weight rig most of the time but I had a larger rod that was probably a 12 weight for catching stripers. I never used a full length fly line then, only 30 foot shooting heads from Scientific Anglers. I bought a little 8 foot 6/7 weight rod with a 6 wt floating line and started playing around but haven't had any success yet. I guess I'd have to take a long drive to the Columbia River for a chance at success but that's probably not going to happen anytime soon. Keep on catching those bronze battlers..
  12. Congratulations McTage. I'm a wannabe carp fly fisherman.
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