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  1. All orders we receive over $50 will receive a FREE Tackle, Tactics & Tips DVD while supplies last!!!!. A dynamic 3 hour Guide to Modern carp Angling designed to show all aspects of carp angling and all levels of expereince. Carp up to 52 lbs are caught with the average weight at 40lbs!! You may need to watch these on your PC some older DVD players may not play it.
  2. Jerome, Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we are CARP Fisherman first and foremost not Professional TV stars.. I'm glad that you think that comes through on the DVD. Part II which comes out next year will probably be more basic then part I. Baits, bait preparation, more on tactics. We just felt it was important to show new ideas, tackle and tactics the first go around. Wayne actually had over 1 1/2 hours for part I but the DVD will only hold so much(It's absolutely full) so he had trim off a bit that will carry over to part II. Need to recognize especially Wayne's, but also Sean's assistance for their hard work put into these DVD project. It's a painfully slow and long procedure. Then add the fact Wayne writes all the music and is a perfectionist it takes even more time. I have the easy part on these projects.. Just show up and try to speak clearly while explaining things!!..
  3. ...and we even let Paul win the ACS Nationals last year.. We are all in this together so there isn't any reason to not support and work with each other. Paul has done a great deal for carp fishing in the US and deserves success.
  4. ACS wanted invite everyone to attend the first ever Carp Expo being held in the USA. This event will be on the same day ,Saturday June 4th, as the peg draw and Official beginning of the World Carp Championship. We are expecting several carp tackle dealers to have items for sale and display. Along with local vendors of arts and crafts. All the Anglers particpating in the WCC are slated to be in attendance. More details and information will be forthcoming. Just wanted to let everyone so they would have more time for scheduling a trip up. As a reminder anyone who serves as a Steward / Marshal during the week gets passes to all opening and closing ceremonies and be part of history. If intersted please contact Al K, Mean Mike or myself. Hope to see you there
  5. Keith and Alex, I didn't fish with Royal Carp Baits, but did want to say "thanks" for the prize donations. The spool of braid I was fortunate enough to win(finishing 3rd) will come in handy..
  6. Well if Phone thinks there are cool that says it all.. As usual Keith I think you are are full of it. But, if you can prove me wrong I'd love to get a truck load at $15 each for the Made in America rods..
  7. Dean, I hadn't actually held one yet.. Couldn't resist sharing it with others.. Just way to cool not to. That is one sweet rod Dude.. Thanks to you my next set of customs will most likely have them..
  8. Not sure? You'll have to inquire with Sean about that..
  9. Ed, I could just tell a slight difference in the weight of the rod... Since it sits on a pod most of the time it shouldn't be a factor.. Here is the handle section with the carbon handle
  10. I hope Dean carries an oven mitt in his gear for those hot AZ summers..
  11. Here are a few pics I just had to take and post. This is a Stainless Steel reel seat. very cool.
  12. I'm in no way a rod expert.. ACS will have the insight on rod building from two experts Dr. Harrison and Nick Buss.. Dr. Harrison has agreed to do a section on our upcoming website on carp rods and advancments in rod making over the last decade or so.. My guess on the blank is to agree with Brian, it's two sections matched to their respective TC's But with todays advancements in wraps and resins? It's likely the same blank just the butts section gets some added stiffness compared to the tip section. For the main intent of fishing the method or PVA bags seems the best of both worlds to me? A soft tip for delivery and fish playing. Along with the bit of extra power via the butt section for casting? Nick Buss was kind enough to pro-type a set(not for sale ) for the rod builders we are using. Nick was impressed with the blank. As for off loading extra sections .. I seriously doubt that makes much business sense? Harrison rods very much wants to have a presence in the USA market.
  13. Paul, I'll try and get an actual TC once I get one built. My guess is it will fall between 3 and 3 1/4.. ACS approached Dr. Steve Harrison of Harrison rods with a certain criteria. A rod that could handle the method or PVA bags well and also play a fish well. This is the combination he came up with?. This blank was designed for the USA market and is not available in the UK. I personally have fished with Harrisons for 3 years now and absolutley love them. Both at 3.25 and 3.5 TC.. I've compared these rods to some 2.75'TCs and the Harrisons are softer? Harrison blanks tend to have a nice through action which will also aid in the above mentioned style of fishing. Yes, 2.5 TC's are nice to play fish on.. But that wasn't the only criteria we were after...
  14. Planning on meeting with the rod builders Friday or early next week. Blanks are on the way from the UK.. Should know more in the next week or so??.. about the time frame they will be done. I've had several inquire about reserving a rod.. No problem. We are only doing 30 rods this time around. If you want to reserve 1 to 3 rods send me an email. dave@americancarpsociety.com 3 lbs TC tip section 3 1/4 TC butt section, 12 ft rod they will be black with standard black duplon handles. 6 eyes and the tip Decided to keep everything simple this first go around. Maybe the next series we can do cork or baitcasting? The cost just goes up too much to try and tweak each rod.. Soon as I have more info I'll let you know.. Once I have a sample I'll take a photo to post here.. Cheers, David
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