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  1. Great catch and sweet lookin' swim as well!!!! David
  2. Sweet, nice pic. David
  3. Way to go Kent!!! Glad you are albe to get back out and fish again. Miss seeing all of your nice fish buddy! Hope things are going good!!!! David
  4. Cool catch!! Congrats! David
  5. Beautiful fish!! Great catch! Sweet lookin' swim as well. David
  6. Congratulation Jerome !! The amount of views says everything about your videos my friend. Outstanding!! David
  7. I am definately for the CAGI!! Even though we haven't had much luck in these parts with the weather, Dave Moore and I had to cancel our event last year because of the triple digit heat in this neck of the woods. I would hate to see the event canned! I was going to post my fish in schedule later today and the CAGI was going to be a part of that. I will wait on that part of my schedule until we iron this out. I am with Louis, and Hammer. I like having a social event with a side competition. This year we are going to use a scoring system that we came up with last year at couple of our small social fish ins. You get points per fish. No weighing of the fish is required, a visual guess is all that we use. The soring system works like this. A carp under 10 lbs. is +1 point, a carp over 10 lbs is +2 points, a buffaloe is +2 points, and a catfish is a minus 2 points. This is a load of fun and it allows even the most inexperienced angler to compete. Heck even Phone can compete. . We all know how social he is!!! Great for the kids and the minus two points for the catfish is great fun because it brings in alot of fun possiblities to the mix. Heck you could possibly win by not even wetting a line if the cat bite is on. I would like to suggest that Pats Idea to use it as a tool for getting new members is the way to go. I think the point should be that it s a day that we use not to compete with each other, but to invite new folks to participate in our beloved past time. Lets see how many new members we can get every year on this specific date. Of course fishing while we do it. Well most of us. Unless you are Phone. Sorry buddy!! David
  8. OK Guys here's the beans. First let me say that it was a great day, with two of the best guys a feller could share the bank with. Definatly an excellent venue! Unfortunately the weather was a little on the stinky side and the fish weren't very cooperative after a cold front moved through Monday evening. Here are a few photos of the day. Oh yea, Here is the score for the day. I scored the day as follows Carp--1 point, Buffs--2 points, Catfish--minus 1 point. Phone---- 2 Carp ----- 2 points 10 Cats ----- minus 10 points Total score ----- minus 8 points SWMO --- 0 Carp ----- 0 points 1 Buff ----- 2 points 1 Cat ------ minus 1 point Total score ---- 1 point kccarper - 0 Carp ---- 0 points 1 Buff ----- 2 points 2 cats ----- minus 2 points Total score --- 0 points Well its official, the champion of the day below the dam at Truman Lake is SWMO, way to go Wayne!!! Phone was carp man for the day but unfortunatley for him he was also catfish king for the day. Sorry buddy! Again, a great day on the bank!! Thanks so much gentelmen it was definately a pleasure!!!!!
  9. Wayne, Phone, thanks for getting me off my duff and getting me away from work for the day. I am totally pumped for a great day on the bank. There is going to be some nice current for sure, I'll definately bring some 4 ouncers to tack things to the bottom. Looks like it's going to be nice weather as well!!! Sure looking forward to it Wayne, it will be great to see you buddy! Thanks again Bill for getting this going! David
  10. Sweet lookin' blues Pat! Nice catch!! David
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