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  1. It will be up in a few days once they finish making the names and recording and editing the video. Thanks for participating.
  2. Skeet here are some keyboard commands since you can not cut and paste with your mouse. http://www.waynet.org/howto/computers/cut-copy-paste.htm
  3. Skeet3t when you go to reply you can click this button above with the chain and that will be the insert link button. Simply put in the url you want to display
  4. Dean, I think you did a really great job putting this together. Enjoyed the look and feel of the magazine and of course all of the articles. Looking forward to reading them this weekend and looking forward to future issues.
  5. Bill when you want to head out fishing? Thinking of twin soon if you want to go. I am headed out to shawnee I think this weekend to give it a go.
  6. Bill if you click new content and once the page refreshes you will see options on the left side of the page to change the range of the search. I have clicked all forums and past week. Try this and see if that works for you.
  7. No problem, I can fully understand why you may have thought that. That is why I like talking in person with most people. I can write something on a forum and 10 people read it and it can all be taken a different way.
  8. That person would be me. It was not so much the flys on sh&& approach but the fact I was letting you know there was a company I deal with that warranties the rods regardless of what happens. Sorry you took me trying to be helpful a different way.
  9. Bump, Still about a week or so until the orders are placed.
  10. If anyone in the United States is interested in preordering some products from CC Moore, Trakker or Cygnet please pm me. These items will come through Big Carp Tackle. 10% off on preorders and half is due by June 1st. Shipment will arrive late summer early september. 50% plus shipping due now and 40% on time of arrival. Minimum is $100 order. Thank you!
  11. CC Moore has cleared customs and is sitting at Big Carp Tackle. Items are being inventoried and added to the site. Many items that sold out rapidly are back in stock with much greater quantities and also many new items such as the Equinox lineup are being added. Thank you for all of the support and if there are any questions about any CC Moore products please let me know.. Brian http://www.bigcarptackle.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=cc+moore
  12. Just wanted to give a heads up that the new Big Carp Tackle website has launched. The new site offers the same great service as before and a lot more user friendly controls. The site is now also smartphone friendly! http://www.bigcarptackle.com/index.php/?k=MC4wMzc1NTUwMCAxMzk2MDQ0MzM0LCwxNCwxNDg1NQ
  13. Congratulations to everyone who shared and also won!
  14. Just wanted to say thank you. Ordered my gear and had it arrive at my house two days later in PA. Great shipping rate as well.
  15. Malware , did you run a. Scan on your pc
  16. After a really great response to the first shipment of Sonik products the latest order has arrived and sold out items are now back in stock. Also the new 6000FS reel has been added to the store at a really great price of $85.95 and can be found here. http://www.bigcarptackle.com/store/product.php?productid=20673&cat=0&page=1 Also the new 8000 Tournos reels are back in stock after selling out so quickly. Thank you for the interest!
  17. I sent him a message. May take a little time for him to respond.
  18. I think Willem is at the ATC. I am sure he can work something out once he is back.
  19. The ad you see come up does it have a logo or company name on the ad? Most do , if you can let me know what it says and also what browser you use maybe I can help out. I had this happen before.
  20. Look at your programs and see anything newly installed.
  21. Bump it up to $18 to start things off from me.
  22. Thank you for all of the CC Moore preorders from the last 10% off promotion. This is last minute but for anyone wanting 10% off of either Trakker or Cygnet products there will be promotion for them as well. 50% is due now plus shipping costs and the remainder is due once it arrives. There is also a $100 minimum purchase for preorders. Send me a pm if you are interested. All orders will be coming from Big Carp Tackle! This offer is only good for one week and we are placing the order next thursday 1/30 so payment must be made by then if interested. Thank you! http://trakkerproducts.co.uk/products.php?sid=2 http://www.cygnettackle.co.uk/home.php
  23. Skammer below the post you will see choose file. It pulls up your drives so you can pick the photo. You then click attach photo. It now moves it to the right side and you have to click add to post to confirm. Hope this helps.
  24. Dave from Big Carp Tackle will still be carrying all of the current brands. A very large CC Moore order will be coming in the spring and stocked regularly as it runs out.
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