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  1. Even if not the CCC it would be awesome to even come up with a new CAG Tournament for that location maybe in the summer or something along those lines.
  2. Seriously is that needed? The Bod just received the quotes last night for the newsletter and that is what we have been waiting on. Now we will discuss it and come to a decision on it.
  3. You want a Bod members opinion so I gave one. No need to be defensive. I think a newsletter will help the situation but I think there are a lot of things that could be improved on overall.
  4. I believe its a go and its a matter of figuring out the best price? I have yet to see anything discussed about pricing so probably Bob still has that. I would not wait and get started on it. Better to have it done and ready than to wait to hear back from the Bod and then start it. My own person thoughts. Newsletter will be good for guys who do not come online much, something to hand out. On a money saving factor I like the idea for opting into the newsletter because a majority will be happy with an online version and that will save a lot of funds for CAG. I think its a good idea in general as it will fill the gaps between Nacas also and keep guys informed on current happenings.
  5. Oh ok he does business cards also?
  6. I will vouch for Carl's signage at the ATC. When I was on my peg the final day I was looking at them thinking hey these are pretty nice!
  7. Bob, I can not vouch for CO but in PA they do not weed out non resident replies. That was one of the questions I had asked at one of the meetings. They do go through every single comment that is submitted. Technically if they did then they would be bias and if found out would not go over well in terms of state funding and other ventures.
  8. I have always been an advocate of helping others out especially in carp fishing. Even though this is half way across the country if comments are made to the fisheries when the idea presents itself it plays an impact on everywhere else if the laws change. They are looking for input in this survey so if you list items that will help carp fishing please do so. We all know the major issues we face. Just like the 3 rods you CT got. When other states already have it in place it makes it that much easier to show the state officials why it is a good idea. It is a collective effort in my opinion to help out any way you can and hopefully it will affect our future of carp fishing in a positive way. https://www.research.net/s/5yearfishing
  9. It will be up in a few days once they finish making the names and recording and editing the video. Thanks for participating.
  10. Skeet here are some keyboard commands since you can not cut and paste with your mouse. http://www.waynet.org/howto/computers/cut-copy-paste.htm
  11. Skeet3t when you go to reply you can click this button above with the chain and that will be the insert link button. Simply put in the url you want to display
  12. Great work Ed! Enjoyed what you have done for the club and your constant drive to have fish ins.
  13. Dean, I think you did a really great job putting this together. Enjoyed the look and feel of the magazine and of course all of the articles. Looking forward to reading them this weekend and looking forward to future issues.
  14. Thank You everyone! Looking forward to working with all of CAG
  15. Bill when you want to head out fishing? Thinking of twin soon if you want to go. I am headed out to shawnee I think this weekend to give it a go.
  16. Bill if you click new content and once the page refreshes you will see options on the left side of the page to change the range of the search. I have clicked all forums and past week. Try this and see if that works for you.
  17. You really brought a lot to the table Mario and thank you for all of your hard work over the years. I am sure the family will enjoy spending more time with you. Good luck with everything!
  18. No problem, I can fully understand why you may have thought that. That is why I like talking in person with most people. I can write something on a forum and 10 people read it and it can all be taken a different way.
  19. That person would be me. It was not so much the flys on sh&& approach but the fact I was letting you know there was a company I deal with that warranties the rods regardless of what happens. Sorry you took me trying to be helpful a different way.
  20. Thank you for all of your hard work Neil! Looks like you will have plenty of more time for fishing now.
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