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  1. I'm ready now. LOL but Sunday is fine by me. I'll keep watching for any changes
  2. Hey Frank, Northerns have been showing up lately with some size. This one is 40" @ 14lbs. 10oz. My biggest carp this spring is just under 25lbs. Good luck all
  3. Hey Frank, check your PM's
  4. Tracy here. Injured my rt leg salmon fishing yesterday so I wasn't going to make it. Did catch a 14lb northern pike before I slipped. Not bad injury but sure is sore.
  5. Just watched the weather. The prediction of 100+ degrees on Friday and close to that Saturday. Good call Frank! I will be back from Canada by 8/27 and should be able to make it. Sign me up. See you then and hopefully with fish and carper friendly temperatures. Later
  6. Hello guys. Sign me up. Never been here but ready to give it a try. See you there
  7. Hope your Thanksgiving was good. This is one I can't miss so could you add me to the list. I'll see you in the morning.
  8. Just p/u an Avid Carp hold-all "transit". Quality with REAL zippers. Just my 2 cents. later
  9. Hopefully that light isn't a train, the way this winter is going. LOL! My interview went well and have inside track. Won't start til' mid next month so I'm free for both dates. I'll keep my eye open for decision. later
  10. Mr. Paul Wells clued me into them and have had good luck. Sorry you can't them Mario. Multiple feed stores in the Chicago area carry them. Have used in all the ways discussed here. later
  11. Still a little up in the air. The date change helps but have final interview for job on Monday. If I get it, I'll be working mostly weekends and call. So the outcome will affect not only 2/1 but if I can run the league this year. I'll take a spot pending Monday's decision. Hopefully see you 2/1. BTW, I ventured into pop-up boilies and they actually pop-up. LOL! My nephews regional is at a small bowling alley and they will only have room for direct family. My sister will texting me updates while I'm testing those new boilies. later
  12. There were several events I wasn't able to attend last year because life reared it's ugly head. This event was at the top of the list. I once again would like to participate. May I have a spot please. Thanks!
  13. Tracy Jourdan CHIBIGTEE Illinois School is done. All my licenses(work) are finally up to date, Mom's better after a very rough 2013, all my appendages have healed. The cherry on top was a job offer yesterday(maybe the worm has finally turned). It's time to fish again. Good luck all. Maybe I'll see some of you on the bank. later
  14. Hello guys, Tracy here. My daughter signed-up for the policemen's exam during the summer and the test is Saturday. I promised to drive her to and from, so my Saturday is time is taken. Have fun, a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  15. I can hear Paul now," You haven't signed-up yet!" Don't want him to be mad at me. I'll be there for both. later
  16. Hello guys. I'll fish either place Saturday but have Hawk tickets for Sunday. Just post what's happening,
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