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I was born in VA, moved to my Dad's home town in PA before I was a year old, and grew up there. I've fished all my life. Dad started me fishing when I was about 5, and I started riding my bike to trout streams by the time I was 12. I was about 14 or so when I caught my first carp, and I've been chasing them ever since.
I lived less than an hour from the Potomac River, near Sharpsburg (Antietam battlefield). It wasn't much further to a spot across from Harper's Ferry (WVA), above the Sandy Hook area of the Potomac. In my late teens and early 20's I caught lots of carp at those two spots, and also at one pay lake (which closed years ago) located in southern PA.
I graduated in 1968 from Oglethorpe College (in Atlanta), and stayed here. I married in 1970 - 2 children, and two grandsons so far. I used to work with computers for a living, as a Unix system administrator since 1985, but finally retired at the end of September, 2012.
In the ATL area, I've carp fished mostly at Lakes Lanier and Allatoona, and in a few pay lakes, or else in several county park lakes where there are grassers. I joined CAG hoping to meet some new carpin' buddies, and also to catch up on the latest methods and techniques and learn some new spots to fish.
I met Vaughan Osmond at my office when his company sent him to do some work for my former company. When he learned that I liked to fish for carp, he put me in touch with "the Ol Captain", who then put me in touch with Tim Ledford. They both convinced me to join CAG several years ago.
I still enjoy other types of fishing once in a while (I like to catch a few crappie to eat every spring), but I keep going back to carp. I'm getting a bit older, and don't get around as well as I used to, so much of my fishing lately has been at venues where I don't have to haul my equipment too far from my vehicle.
I'm open-minded on most issues, but am more or less conservative. I may not agree with what you do, but if it doesn't keep someone else from doing what they want to do, I won't criticize you for doing it. I believe that my 'rights' stop at the point where they interfere with your rights -- and vice-versa!
I chose my posting 'handle', needmotime2fish, because it described my situation pretty well at the time. I kept busy between work, family, and church activities, so I had to choose my leisure activities carefully to maximize my fishing opportunities. But hopefully, now that I've retired, I'll have many more opportunities to go carpin'.

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