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  1. I see you looking...LOL

  2. Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Better.

  3. I see you viewing my profile...do I haunt your dreams? HAHAHAH

  4. born in the back woods of north carolina i grew up on the pickle jar sitting on the steps full of sweat tea but Ive fondly embraced our english brethrens tea time traditions
  5. Just a little honey in my cup o tea
  6. Very well said Shawn. I've always tried to maintain a neutral Position, despite my loyalty and affiliation. My job and my goal is to catch carp, bring positive press, teach, and show what carp angling is all about and what it can be. I firmly believe that we if things keep going this way will ruin things for everyone. Whether its free, or not, for profit, or not. The bottom line is we can and should coexist. There has become a stigma for both forums and it isn't good. Everyone can benefit from one another if stubborn personal beliefs can be set aside. My two gold pieces.
  7. chris you have the most beautiful lace right n your back yard! id love to make it your way some day.
  8. Thanks slime! Frank definitely has me beat!
  9. How'd one of mr. Bigs Paylake victims make it to Ontario?
  10. Mine, Cyclopes! https://dl.dropbox.com/0/view/mlcxxg2073bsy9h/Photo%20Oct%2016%2C%2010%2059%2038%20AM.jpg
  11. I'd like to give them a whirl Andy is I'll be fishing this same body of water several times this year
  12. Oh yes, this fish. Same fish Alan orchard had at 47+ what a gut!
  13. The whiskey and wild peach berry are the most deadly flavored baits I've ever used, they even outfish the plastic sometimes
  14. Gracias bandito! (I have no idea what I'm saying I don't speak Spanish lol)
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