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  1. :yes: :yes: Too funny! What flavor were you using for that big shrub?
  2. Thanks for the photos! Awesome and great mirror. Love the Carp-eye-view from beyond the net! Fantastic!
  3. Baustina


    Looks like a great time and great water!
  4. As carphd explained, while some of us stayed with the large contingent of all species anglers, some of us escaped to our own private carpvana! A few CAGers and boys from WCC of central NY got together and hijacked a few kids to fish downstream of the large masses. I set up on the end near the mudlock, Frenchie took the middle and BigFish Tom secured the lower end. We were ready and set up at 9am and shortly thereafter my nephew Sean managed to wrangle in his very first carp! He was a bit hesitant to hold the 1st one! He was much more confident with the next one though! After a bit of a lull...we managed to get a full contingent of rods set up and invited our neighbor over that Frenchie found in Fulton to join us! He had no fear of the slime and embraced the fish full on! Meanwhile his sister was wrestling a monster that fired over with Frenchie (sorry no pix from me). Frenchies friend from Fulton with his well slimes shirt! . As we settled in and were observing the resident bald eagle (again, sorry no pix) the rods fired again and Sean pounced on it, eventually landing and posing with this beauty. Straining under the weight of the beast! About this time, the rest of the crew showed up, including my wife, her sister, nephew #2, my daughter and her husband and my son Austin. We had plenty of action and some family members may have been out of practice (yes I mean you Ashley) as we lost a few to the weeds, one to a passing boat and one to a hook pull. Sean had to finally come to the rescue and show us how to land them again... Quite a handful, even Colin mugs for the camera! As high noon approached, Sean had to zip down to the awards ceremony and the rods were manned by a much bigger kid, who wasted no time in hauling in this nice #22! It's still good to be a kid! Unfortunately the day had to end, nephews had to return home, but Austin, Bill and myself stayed and managed to coax another carper and his kids to returning to the dogpark for some mnore action. But that may be for another dad to post....... Trophy for 1st carp ever! As Bill said, a great day was had by all!
  5. What areas (if you can say) will be pegged this year? It might fit nicely between the of baseball and beginning of football season.
  6. Blame the ice fishermen.....they are the ones who were drilling holes in the mapleleaf's hockey rink. That set a bad precedent for all anglers! Thats one BAD joke for the BAD joke that Toronto anglers find themselves in. Best of luck at your sit in/protest/civil action. If you get nowhere in the political arena, stage a massive fish-in (like a sit-in) protest!
  7. UNfortunately did not find this thread til now, busy busy at work and was gearing up for CARP week, just cleaned the man cave and have loads of unopened goodies and hooks and things that I was getting ready to donate for our local event. Will pass along the box to Carphd and the onondaga lake committee in conjunction with mickeys bait and tackle.
  8. Way to pull through Matt...you guys should stay up for the 3 day as well next year!
  9. Brid, Would that be considered an early spawn or right on time? Just wondering is the mild winter will effect the entire US with and early spawn. kent
  10. Thanks for the history and great photo!
  11. Baustina

    Carpers Litter

    Agree, Its always our motto, leave it cleaner than you found it.... better yet the sign you get from resistance----this area cleaned up by a carp angler.
  12. Baustina

    Ice Fishing For Carp

    Ice!? Way too early to be talking ice! But we have tried it out here in Upstate NY -- no luck yet, but I think a longer more vigourous baiting campaign should draw them to an area---even start before the ice is on the water...get them somewhere and keep them there til ice forms near a big deep hole and THEN start to fish them through the ice.
  13. I think an even ton should due the trick for you! Will you be joining us for the "puff" boil?


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