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  1. Thanks to Iain Sorrell for great package with PB products.
  2. My new PB 55,06 caught on K-1 yellow cherry STB with 12mm pop-up
  3. As weather got better for the past week with temperatures over 50 degrees I decided to bait up a spot and fish it. Spend 6 days of baiting one swim with K-1 yellow cherry boilies and a mix of sweet corn and oats. I spend Saturday and Sunday fishing the spot, with only 6 hours each day. For both days I caught 15 fish all together with the biggest being at 36lb and 10oz common, which came on a PIC snowman rig. The three baits that have landed most of the fish were, Pineapple Ice Cream STB corn, Yellow Cherry and Pineapple Ice Cream boilies. The rig of choice was a blowback rig with a size 4 hook
  4. Congratulation Donald!!! Welcome to the club
  5. 35-4 lb Caught in NJ on K-1 STB corn
  6. Caught on K-1 garlic boilies
  7. I will be in Baldwinsville NY ,maybe next time
  8. http://www.tacklebox.co.uk/ they ship bait to usa
  9. Good Luck!!! I can not make this time because I'm going to watch Europe Cup. Poland will play with Czech Republic.
  10. Well deserved.Congratulations! That was the greatest 30's birthday gift for you!!!
  11. Great mirror,congrats on the PB!!!
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