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  1. Thanks for being on-top of it and taking the time to explain that!!! Top-notch all-the-way Willem! What's more important than this forum is your health! As Jerome said, we'll survive!
  2. there is no cure. It's terminal! Back to topic. BCT service is amazing. To be honest, I'd have to think long/hard about ever having a gripe with any vendor that I've done business with...a list that includes BCT, Resistance, Wacker, CarpKit, New World Carp, Johnson Ross and Scorpion; all have done me well! Knock on wood!
  3. have you ever considered marriage counseling? And by that I don't mean the service but the profession! :lol:
  4. I'm still stuck on the first sentence!!! CONGRATULATIONS! My wife has alot of things to say to tackle vendors...and "Thanks" isn't one of them!
  5. to be more specific: Wild Whiskey Maize: 2 ... and 1 liter of big-time banana
  6. I'm definitely interested. When will your top-3 boilie flavors be offered
  7. received mine sometime this week @ 12550. top notch guys! already hanging in the carp-cave!
  8. TOP NOTCH BRUZZA! You won! Congratulations man!

  9. good luck bruzza! make sure you vote for the correct story :) Ken didn't ;)

  10. ...and we didn't even use Glug!

  11. hey mullet! glug dat #### baby!

  12. Carpmullet is a chump (testing testing)

  13. i can summarize success with 1 word...







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